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The Final Frontier--Michelle (2/2)

“Oh, fuck off!” Michelle laughed. “I don’t know, I mean, I’m not sure what’s going on with Jim. He likes me and I like him. But…I’m just not sure it will work.”
“You’re so ridiculous.” Gaila’s eyes rolled. “You have a good thing, and you don’t even realize it.” She averted her eyes over to one of the couches. “Oh, wow. Who’s that cute little kid over there?”
She was pointing to Pavel Chekov who was sitting on the couch, beer in hand, looking terribly confused, lonely, and out of place.
“Oh, that’s Pavel Chekov.” Michelle said.
“Ooh, he’s kind of cute.” Gaila said.
Michelle cocked an eyebrow, “Um, he’s kind of 14. And you’re kinda 24.”
“Um, 23 and a half!” Gaila said.
“That’s still weird!” Michelle exclaimed.
“Oh, shutup.” Gaila snapped. “He looks lonely.”
“Well, he is really young.” Michelle said.
“Why is he here?” Gaila asked.
“He’s a whiz kid, a prodigy.” Michelle explained.
“Hm, well he’s really cute.” Gaila sighed. Then she looked over at Spock and Uhura. “Why are you here with her?”
“Technically, I’m here with Jim.” Michelle said. “I’m his plus one.”
Gaila looked around, “Where is he?”
“I dunno.” Michelle said, worry began to set in. “Anyway, I’ve got to take these drugs to Sulu.”
“What did you bring?” Gaila asked.
“Coke and LSD.” Michelle said.
“Oooh, good choice. I hope Mr. Scott gets here soon.” Gaila said.
“He’s coming?” Michelle asked.
“Um, duh. It’s Mr. Scott. He always comes to party. What are you, on crack?”
“I brought some.”
“Anyway, Mr. Scott is amazing. I really hope he picks me.”
“Picks you?”
“Yeah. He picks like…3 girls at each party to be his ‘lucky ladies’ and I hope I’m one of them.”
“The teacher?” Michelle asked.
“Why is that so hard to believe? He’s been doing it for 6 years. Well, this being his seventh.” Gaila said expertly.
“Hasn’t he gotten any warnings from the Court Martial?” Michelle questioned.
“Um, of course. Like, over 50.” Gaila said. Then she shrugged, “Oh well, though, he still does it.”
“Why do you want him here so bad?” Michelle asked.
“Because until Scotty gets here, the party is not even remotely started.” Gaila sighed. “Anyway, I hope he picks me.”
“Why do you want to have sex with him so bad?” Michelle asked.
“Because, apparently, he’s amazing.” Gaila said.
Michelle rolled her eyes, “Dude. Wow.”
“Anyway, you can’t make your mind up. What do you want? Jim, the Asian, or the Vulcan?” Gaila asked.
“Well, obviously not the Vulcan. I mean…He’s for Uhura.” Michelle said. “I guess, Jim.”
“Haha, go get him!” Gaila cheered.
“Dude, you’re so drunk.” Michelle said, and they both burst into laughter. “Well, I’m a little buzzed too!”
Gaila was laughing so hard, tears were streaming down her face, “OH my GOD. You’re a whore!”
“Um, if I’m a whore, you’re a slut!’ Michelle giggled.
“Oh, fuck you!” She giggled.
“Anyway, I have to go take these drugs to Sulu, you take it easy.” Michelle said.
On the way she stumbled into McCoy. “Oh Michelle!” He said frantically. “God, there you are. What have you got there?” He reeked of alcohol.
“Um. Just some coke and LSD.”
“Can I-”
“Maybe you should take it easy.” Michelle said worriedly.
McCoy sighed and nodded his head. “I can’t find Christine.”
“The nurse?!” Michelle screeched. “you’re partner?”
“Yeah. We’re here tonight. On a date and I can’t find her anywhere. She means a lot to me. I can tell we’re going to be together someday.” McCoy sighed. “So, if you see her, tell her I’m looking for her.”
“Okay, well, maybe you oughta go keep Pavel company.” Michelle offered.
“Oh, yeah, I guess that’d be a good idea,” McCoy said wearily, nodding and he slumped over by Chekov.
“Shit.” Michelle said, a couple of feet later when she ran into Christine. “Where in the hell are you go-”
“Where’s Sulu?” Michelle asked.
“Um, I’m not sure.” Christine said. “I think he went that way.” She pointed left.
“Oh, thanks, by the way McCoy’s lookin-”
“Oh my God! You’re joking! I can’t shake him off.”
“I thought he was your date!”
“Are you joking? The guy’s,. like, obsessed with me. It’s actually kinds’ ridiculous.” Christine said.
“Well, maybe you should give him a chance.” Michelle said.
“Um, he’s so strung out on drugs-he doesn’t know what I am saying. At all.” Christine said, “I’m not interested.”
“Well, you don’t have time hide from him.” Michelle said angrily.
“Whatever, Chelle.” Christine sighed, walking away. Michelle stood their in disbelief. Everyone was so misunderstood. It was sad.
Michelle ran outside to see Sulu, standing against the wall smoking a joint. “Hey.” Michelle said softly and she jogged over to him, “What’s wrong?”
“I can’t do it. It’s just…I’m not cut out for this.”
“Yes you are!” Michelle said. “There’s just. No drugs. But, that’s what I’m here for.” Michelle chimed. “Look, once you get this party with some drugs, it’ll be bangin’!”
Sulu sighed,” It’s not for me.”
“It is too!” Michelle insisted. She opened up her bag and pulled out the baggies. “Here you are, as promised.”
“Haha.” Sulu said faintly, running his hand over the bags. He then looked up at her and said, “Where’s Jim?”
Michelle looked around at once and said, “Around.”
Sulu looked,” I haven’t seen him all night.”
Michelle pretended to shiver. “Oooh, you know, maybe I’d better go.”
“Okay, I’ll see you in there?” Sulu looked hopeful. He was handsome in the moonlight. Michelle kind of wished that she would have kissed him earlier.
“Yeah, probably.” She turned to walk away and he called her name. She turned around.
“Thanks.” He said, and she smiled-and his eyes twinkled.
Michelle walked back inside and looked around for Jim. She was beginning to get really worried because she couldn’t find him anywhere. She asked around and no one seemed to know where he was. She saw Uhura and Spock sitting; she was beaming, and he seemed content. As content as Vulcans could be. She rushed over to her.
“Have you seen Jim?” She asked quickly.
Nyota looked quizzically over at Spock then said ,”Um, no. Maybe you should go look for him.”
“Well, I did.” Michelle noticed Nyota was awkwardly scratching the back of her head and looking at her. “And I couldn’t find him.”
“Well, ask around?” Nyota offered.
“Oh, I see.” She said glancing at Spock and Nyota, frowning.
“What is the matter?” Spock asked.
“You want me to go away. So you can spend all your time with your Vulcan boyfriend.” Michelle said, wound up , and on the verge of tears.
“No. Michelle. You don’t understand.” Nyota tried to explain.
But Michelle shook her head and ran off. Trying to keep the tears from spilling down her cheeks. She heard Nyota coming after her and didn’t look back. She came outside and felt like she was going to be sick. She leaned against the wall and vomited. It came out almost on her feet, and she stood there shuddering.
“Oh, God!” Nyota almost shouted. “Michelle! Are you okay?”
“Fuck off.” Michelle cried.
“That’s not what it was! I just…I didn’t wanna say in front of Spock.” She lowered her voice.
“Say what?”
“Maybe…Jim’s off with someone. I heard he went off with someone. And Gaila’s gone. And Mr. Scott isn’t here.” She tried to explain, but it was as if Michelle wasn’t listening. “And…”
“Why don’t you like him?” Michelle asked abruptly.
“Well, you don’t. You always assume the worst.”
“I’m just telling you what I saw, and what I heard. Because I care about you. Take it or leave it.” Nyota said, and Michelle just stood there. “Fine. I give up. I really tried for you Michelle. But, I’m done. You can make this mistake. Or you can fix it. I love you, but not enough to look out for you all the time.”
“Thank you.” Michelle said suddenly.
“You’re welcome.” She said. And they shared a hug.
“I’m gonna go look for him. Have fun with Spock.” Michelle said sullenly.
“Thank you, I am so far!” Nyota beamed. “Hey,” she said as Michelle walked way, “You’ll find him.”
Jim and Gaila shared a passionate kiss. He took off her shirt and reached around to unhook her bra, and he gazed up at her and realized, that he couldn’t do it. She was on top of him, and he could feel her breasts against his chest. She was nice, and she was beautiful. And oh so green.
“I…I can’t-”
“Shhhh.” Gaila said. She rolled her tongue and put a finger to his lips. “I’m gonna…give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had.”
“Um, I think you’re a bit drunk.” Jim stuttered.
Gaila let out a loud laugh and said, “You only wish I was.”
Jim laughed nervously as she tugged down his pants. “Um…No, I really don’t.”
“So.” Gaila said. And she began to tug down his boxers, and she touched him gently.
“Woah! Woah!” Jim jerked up towards the headboard, his eyes wide, breathing hard. “Gaila!”
“What?” She said innocently. “Don’t you like me?” She leaned back and revealed her breasts to him. Her areolas were a light pink, and her nipples a dark green. Jim gulped, she was rather lovely. But he couldn’t do this to Michelle.
“Um…Yeah you‘re pretty cool, I guess..” Jim said nervously.
“Then shush.” Gaila said playfully. She tugged down his boxers and began to swirl her tongue around his tip. He groaned slightly but she realized he really wasn’t into it. “Jim…?”
“Gaila, you’re…Great. But I really can’t do this. I love Michelle. Michelle’s the one I want to do this with. Maybe another time.”

Gaila got up and just stood there for a minute, embarrassment settling in quickly. She immediately covered herself and found her shirt and put it on. And left two buttons unbuttoned. She looked like she was about to cry. Uhura noticed this and said nothing. And Michelle and Jim completely dodged each other.
Michelle was standing in the corner, smoking a cigarette.
“Why the long face, darlin’? Had a bad night?” A thick Scottish accent asked.
Michelle looked over and saw Scotty grinning at her. “Hey, Mr. Scott.”
“What’s up, kid?”
“Oh-h-h-h-, nothing. I just can’t find Jim.” Michelle said.
“Damn. I’m sorry.” Mr. Scott said. Michelle noticed he was carrying a 6 pack and smoking a joint. Maybe he was crazy. “Well, I brought some stuff.” He gestured to the 6 pack, and the bag he had on his forearm, which Michelle managed to have missed. “You wanna get silly?”
Michelle hadn’t heard the term ‘get silly’ since she went to the New York in 2001. She rolled her eyes and couldn’t help but laugh. She also had never heard this from a teacher. She then realized that he was dead serious.
“…I…Suppose.” Michelle said reluctantly. He lead her to an empty room. It was dark, and the beds were made up and neat. And she wasn’t sure what was going to happen. But Michelle predicted this wouldn’t end out right. That maybe she would fall for him; or he would fall for her. Or Jim would catch her. She almost left, but the cocaine looked appetizing in it’s neat little lines.
Michelle was high off her ass; seeing as she was making out with her teacher. He was hard, and she could feel it. He had his down her dress, cupping her breasts. He began to kiss her neck, and was panting heavily. Maybe it was too much for him. Michelle kind of just sat there, letting him take her. She wasn’t sure wear they would go. He then reached up her dress, and slipped a finger in her panties. Sliding it over her clit and rubbing her.
“Oh.” Michelle broke apart.
“What’s wrong?”
“I…You’re…Wow. Mr. Scott.” She emphasized the Mr. and he just looked at her.
“I get it.” He said.
“I’m sorry.” She said as he stood up. She looked at him apologetically.
“No one’s ever turned me down before,” he smiled at her. “I’m proud of you.”
Michelle laughed, “Someone wants you.”
“Gaila.” Michelle giggled.
“Oh, well that’s like hopping on the unicorn at the merry-go-round.” Mr. Scott said in an animated tone.
Michelle laughed and said, “I…Should go find Jim.”
“Yeah, alright. Good luck.”
“Thanks.” Michelle smiled.
She fixed her bra outside the door and went off to find Jim again. It was almost 1:30 by the time she found him. He was alone at the bar drinking with Chekov. Laughing at something that really wasn’t all that funny. But because he was drunk; it was entertaining. He turned around to see Michelle.
“Hey, baby!” He said happily. He gave her a big sloppy kiss on the cheek. “I’ve been looking for you all night!”
“Me too.” She said faintly. “I’ve missed you.” And she leaned into him.
“Vell. It’s getting late. Maybe I should go.” Chekov said, and he tossed a five dollar bill at the bartender. “See you later, Jim.”
“See ya.” Jim said. And he downed the last of his drink. He turned and looked at Michelle. “You look nice. I could ravish you.”
Michelle laughed. “Isn’t it a little too late for that. I mean. I’ve been waiting for you.”
“Ah, I’m sorry.” Jim shook his head. “It got away from me.”
“So…You wanna go somewhere a little less loud?” Michelle said. The music was dying down, certainly. But Michelle was too high, and Jim too drunk to notice.
Jim winked, “Oh yeah.”
They were alone in the room, loud passionate kissing was involved and several pieces of clothing were shed. “I got something to tell you.” Jim said breaking away.
“What’s that?”
“I…Gaila came on to me. And, it was…Weird. She just came on to me. And led me into a room, and just starting attacking me.” He said quickly. “So, are you mad?”
“Why would she do that?” Michelle asked quizzically.
“Not really sure. She said she liked me.” Jim said.
“Ugh! That whore!” Michelle shouted.
“Look, Michelle, I really don’t like her.” Jim said.
“No, I understand. That’s so sweet.” Michelle said. She beamed at Jim,” I love you”
“I love you.” Jim said. They began to kiss again. It had been a month. And nothing had happened. And Michelle was in ecstasy. He was so gentle with her. He thrust inside her gently at first, and picked up with speed as he went along. He grunted in her ear, his breath on her face. And it felt good. Her toes curled and she moaned his name loudly .
“God, Jim. Oh God. Oh yeah.” She called out to him. He obliged her in everything that she wanted. When she came, she scratched her nails over his shoulders. And he bit her ear softly. “I love you Jim.”
“I love you too, baby.” He said, and he cuddled her softly in his arms.

The Final Frontier--Michelle (1/2)

--Michelle episode 2--
She woke up the next morning at around 9:15. Perfect, classes started at 10:30. She had time to eat and get ready. She heard the sink running in the bathroom, and guessed that it was Uhura. She sighed, and sat up a little. The sun was slowly creeping in the window. Shining right in Michelle’s face.
“Nyota!” She called.
Uhura came out in a bra and some pajama pants,” What?’
“You almost done?”
“I am.” She said. She went over to her drawer and pulled out her uniform, stopped and turned around and said, “Where were you last night?”
“I went off with Jim.” Michelle responded.
“Why?” Nyota asked.
“It’s not that big of a deal, Oty.” Michelle responded.
“Um, yes it is. He’s disgusting.” Nyota said.
“Why? He didn’t do anything. We didn’t do anything.” Michelle said, annoyed.
“Did he…get into your pants?”
“No! We just talked.”
“Are you together.”
“We just talked.” Michelle said again. There was a long silence.
“Why are so against him?” Michelle asked, aggravated.
Nyota shook her head an continued to get dressed. “And anyway, don’t you like Spock?”
“I do. But...He’s different.” Nyota said.
“How do you know? You don’t even know him.”
“He’s Vulcan. He doesn’t get those lustful feelings.” Nyota explained.
“But I like those lustful feelings. That’s what makes it fun.” Michelle retorted.
“I just…I don’t like guys, okay? I don’t trust him. They only want one thing, and one thing only.” Nyota warned in a serious tone.
“You sound like your Grandma.” Michelle teased.
“Oh my God! You don’t get it do you” Uhura threw down her shirt on the bed. “I worked in a strip club, Michelle! I know firsthand what guys are like. They’re greedy pigs.”
Michelle’s eyes widened, “What? Why?”
Nyota turned around and put on her shirt and cleared her throat, “I needed money for school.”
“Your Grandma wouldn’t pay for you?” Michelle asked, her voice full of worry and concern.
“She didn’t have enough money.” Nyota said quickly. “So, I paid my own way in.”
“My God, I’m so sorry. I-”
“No, it’s fine. You do what you want with Jim, I’m just letting you know.” Uhura said, her voice grave with genuine concern. She’d made Michelle’s mistake. Trusting a guy like Jim. She flinched as she remembered. Her shirt falling to the floor, binoculars, a grin. Tears streaming down her face. The cops being called, her mother hysterically yelling. He left, looking pleased with himself. Leaving her…Feeling violated.
“But, I feel so alive when I’m with Jim. I told him he shouldn’t be with me. I opened up with him. He’s amazing.” Michelle protested.
“I understand.” Nyota said.
“Do you want me to hook you up with Spock?”
She laughed,” That’s the last thing I want!”
Michelle grinned, “Okay.”
She went and got ready and when she stepped out of the shower she got a call from Jim. She smiled, he made her feel so amazing, she couldn’t describe it. She thought about Uhura’s words of wisdom. Honestly, it hurt her that Nyota thought that way about men. But I guess, working in a strip club will do that to you.
“Hello?” She picked up the phone.
“Hey there, do you have class today?”
“Aw, I actually do.” Michelle sighed. “I’m sorry.
“Shit, man, I was thinking we could…Get together.” His voice lowered. And Michelle knew what he wanted. She heard a door close, “What are you wearing?”
“You’re joking, right?” Michelle laughed.
“I’m dead serious.”
“Nothing.” Michelle said simply.
“Oh, you tease.” Jim moaned.
She laughed and looked at the clock. “Damn, I really have to go.”
“And you lead me all this way?”
“Jim, I’m sorry. I gotta go.” Michelle said.
“Okay, later.”
“Goodbye Jim.”
“What does that mean!”
She hung up the phone and laughed a giddy laugh and began to get ready for school. She headed down to the cafeteria to get some food, she saw Spock in line. She smiled. She got beside him, and she saw him looking at her up and down. They both reached for the same thing, a cherry poptart.
“Oh, go ahead.” Michelle said.
“No, it’s quite alright. You take it, I’m not that famished anyway.” He said.
“Famished, huh?” Michelle giggled and took the poptart. “Pretty fancy word.”
“I don’t understand what you mean by ‘fancy’” Spock said and he followed her to a table.
“I just mean…You’re rather formal.” Michelle said, taken aback by his abruptness.
“I don’t believe we’ve met before.” Spock said sitting across from her.
She opened up her Sprite, “I’m in your class.”
“What class?”
“Oh, Scott’s class.” She said.
“Oh, that one.” He looked at her for a moment then said, “Yes, I believe I remember you now.”
“So, what are you doing at Star Fleet?” Michelle asked, as he drabbled off.
“Excuse me?” Spock furrowed his brow at her.
“Oh, I just meant that…Everyone seems to have a backstory. What’s yours?” Michelle said quickly.
“I don’t have one.” Spock said.
“Sure you do, how did you get here?” Michelle encouraged.
“I went to the High Council of Vulcan for schooling there. The school was quite prestigious. And I was accepted. Apparently, I was the first half Vulcan to ever be accepted. And they couldn’t drop that matter.” Spock said stiffly. “So, I made the decision to come here instead.”
“That’s smart.” Michelle said. “Assholes. You’re the smartest guy I know.”
“Thank you.” He said this as if he’d never been complimented before.
“No problem.” Michelle took a sip of her sprite. “I didn’t know you were half human. It’s not exactly obvious, is it?”
“Depends on what you mean by obvious.” Spock replied.
“Hm, I guess. Anyway, where are you heading?”
“Oh, I’m heading to Aviation.”
“You’re majoring in Aviation?”
“Yes. Well, I was going to major in engineering, but I figured it’d be safe to minor in it instead.” Michelle replied.
“I’m majoring in Programming.” Spock said.
“ Wow. You got it made. Oh, shit.” Michelle noticed the time. “I gotta go.”
Spock turned around, “Apparently so do I.”
“Oh, and um…My friend likes you.”
Spock raised and eyebrow, “Who?”
“You don’t know her.”
“I do not know much of anyone around here; even you.” Spock said nonchalantly.
“Oh, I’m Michelle.” Michelle said. “Sorry, I forgot. And I know who you are.”
“Who is your friend?” Spock persisted.
“Oh, her name’s Nyota Uhura. And she’s…Extremely interested.” Michelle giggled.
“Who is this?” Spock asked.
“The chick you couldn’t take your eyes off of in Scott’s class.” Michelle said smirking.
“I was not really looking at her. Just in-”
“The general direction. Yeah, yeah.” Michelle smiled. “I hear that a lot. Look, she’s gorgeous. I don’t blame you. Anyway, it was nice talkin’ to you.”
“Likewise.” Spock said, looking at her in a suspicious manner.
Michelle noticed Hikaru Sulu right at the front of the class, still taking constant notes on everything that was being written down. Michelle was late, but no one seemed to notice. She sank into the empty seat next to Sulu. “Hey.”
Sulu looked up, “You’re late.”
“Yeah, I know.” Michelle said. “Did I miss anything?”
“Not much.” Sulu whispered. “We’re just taking notes.”
“I see.” Michelle said. She noticed Sulu peeking out the corner of his eye at her every once in a while. And it made her feel good inside. Even though she basically had a boyfriend.
“Are you majoring in this?” Michelle asked towards the end of the period.
Sulu nodded, “What about you?”
“Yep. We might have most of our classes together”
“That’s great!”
“I guess.” She peeked at her phone, 3 missed calls from Jim. “Jesus!”
“Oh…Nothing.” Michelle put her phone back. “Jim just keeps calling.”
“Are you guys…Dating?” Sulu asked cautiously.
“Yeah, basically. I’m not really sure. It’s more just-we’re attached.” She finally concluded.
“I see.” Sulu said tersely.
“What about you, you got a girlfriend?”
Sulu chuckled and shook his head, “I…I don’t have time for one, really.”
“Is that you’re philosophy, or your parents’?” Michelle asked, in a teasing manner.
“A bit of both, really.”
“You’re a kiss ass.” Michelle concluded.
“Maybe.” Sulu shrugged, and she laughed at this. “What are you doing tonight?”
“Nothing, why?”
“Oh, I just. I could get Chekov to get some weed, and I could throw a party in my dorm.”
Michelle laughed loudly at this,” You’re fucking kidding.”
“No, dude. Invite everyone you can.”
“Is this your way of getting chicks?”
“It’s my way of getting noticed.” Sulu said, as if stating the obvious.
“I’ll get the drugs and the champagne. You just bring your smile.” Michelle said.
“So, there’s this party tonight.” Michelle said to Jim as they sat down near the bay again.
“Really, who’s throwing it?” Jim asked.
“Hah. As if.”
“Well, he is. And I bet it’ll be awesome. I’m getting the drugs and beer. And Chekov’s getting the weed.”
“The kid’s 14!” Jim said, astounded.
“Well, what 14 year old doesn’t smoke weed?” Michelle frowned. “Anyway, what class do you have next?”
“Cool, invite everyone in the class.” Michelle said.
“Is this a good idea?” Jim questioned.
“Yes.” Michelle said in an assuring tone. She leaned in and kissed Jim softly. “We can dance.”
“I’m not good at dancing!”
“You will be with me.” Michelle sighed getting up. “Anyway, I’ve got to go.”
Jim stood up with her and they shared a few passionate kisses. She started to walk away when Jim called her name, “What are we?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean…Are we together?”
“We’re whatever you wanna be.” Michelle smiled, and she stalked off towards her dorm. This was gonna be fun.
“So. Did you hear about the party tonight?” Michelle asked when she got in.
“What party?” Uhura came in from the bathroom.
“Hikaru Sulu’s throwing a party.”
“Is he insane?”
“Maybe. Anyway, come on! It’ll be fun. We’ll all get to know each other. You can meet Spock.” Michelle grinned. “He’s in Jim’s computer class, I asked him to ask him to the party.”
Uhura groaned and said, “You didn’t!” and flopped on her bed.
“I thought that’s what you wanted!” Michelle cried.
“It is, but…I’m too damn nervous.”
“You’ll be fine. I mean, he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.” Michelle smirked.
Uhura looked up and smiled, “Really?”
“Oh, yeah. Anyway, you’ll get to meet a bunch of people. Smoke some dope-get silly.”
“I don’t do that anymore.” Nyota frowned.
“Who doesn’t not do that?”
“Come on. It’ll be fun!” Michelle persisted.
“Oh, fine. I’ll try.” Nyota said.
“That’s what I like to hear.” Michelle yelled.
“Dude! You gotta get me some weed!” Sulu yelled walking into the dorm.
Chekov looked up from his work, he was always at the desk. Working on something. “Vat?”
“Yeah! Get me some weed.”
“I don’t know. You’re young, you’ve got friends here.”
“None of my friends get too crazy.” Chekov murmured.
“Dude, come on! I promised Michelle!” Sulu pleaded.
“Yeah, that pretty girl in Scott’s class.”
“OH.. That girl.”
“Yeah, that girl.” Sulu said urgently. “Will you try?”
“Maybe. I’m busy..”
“Come on!”
“Fine. Give me 5 minutes.” Chekov sighed.
“Are you ready?” Michelle asked.
“I think so, God this is awkward.” Uhura said, tugging on her dress. “I look like a hussy.”
“How old are you, 50? No-you look hot!” Michelle said.
Nyota blushed a deep red, “Hah, thanks?”
“Okay,” Michelle said applying bright red lipstick. “You ready to go?”
“I suppose.” Nyota replied reluctantly.
They walked outside of their dorm down the sidewalk to Sulu’s. Many people were going in the same direction. Michelle could tell Nyota was uncomfortable. And, in turn, it was making her awkward as well. They made their way into Sulu’s dorm and surveyed the scene. They were a little late and it was picking up fast.
“I don’t belong here.” Nyota sighed.
“What are you talking about?! You look hot!” Michelle said, exasperated.
“I feel like a whore.” Nyota said.
“You just need to get out more.” She poured Uhura some vodka. “Here, sit down.”
“Michelle, I think this was-”
“Look, now, once I get out the drugs everything will be fine.”
Nyota gave her a warning look and asked, “What did you bring?”
“Some coke and LSD.”
“You’re kidding.”
Michelle grinned, ”Nope.”
“This is ridiculous. I really can’t believe this.”
“Will you sit down and try to have some fun?!” Michelle frowned. “You act like you’ve never been to a party before.”
“You know, I do know what the real world is like.” Nyota almost shouted.
“Well, then, act like it! This is what people do, Oty. They go out, get drunk, meet guys, party. It’s just the way of life. And, you look amazing. Why don’t you go off and find Spock, and tell him how you feel and get together with him. Because, I have to find Jim.” Michelle sighed.
“So you want to get rid of me?”
“NO! I want you to have fun! Because, that’s what you’re here for. Is to have a good time.” Michelle sighed. She looked around and saw a bright flash of green, and red curls following. “GAILA!”
“Oh my God, no.” Nyota moaned.
“What? I love Gaila!” Michelle laughed. “She’s so much fun. GAILA! GAILA!”
“She’s a whore.” Nyota said. “I really don’t want her over here.”
“Go find Spock!” Michelle encouraged. She called Gaila’s name one last time.
“Michelle! I’m not like you with guys. And he’s so much different from regular guys. I can’t just go up to him and be like, ”Oh, hi. I saw you in class the other day and you seem really interesting. In fact, I can’t take my eyes off of you. And I don’t want to rest until we finally get to talk. It’s kind of ridiculous because I promised I would never be like this. But you seem really amazing.” Nyota said quickly.
Michelle cleared her throat. Nyota turned around to see Spock staring down at her. She whispered, “Oh Jesus!”
“I am very much flattered by the things you have just said, Nyota.“ Spock said.
Michelle smiled. And said, “So that’s how it works. Why don’t you two get to know each other.” She wandered off to go to the other table and sat down her two bottles of vodka on them and poured herself a drink. Gaila accompanied her shortly after.
“God, I’m sorry! So many people coming after me.”
“Haha, that’s alright.” Michelle smiled.
“So, what is this I here about you and James Kirk bangin’?” She asked, a devious tone to her voice.
Michelle almost choked on her drink, “Excuse me?!”
“Yeah, it’s going around. That you two are like, the hot new couple.
“Um, no. We’re not even really…Together. Plus, we’re not banging.”
“What?!” Gaila screeched. “Why in the fuck not?! Look, Chelle, if you’re not gonna take him-I will. Because, God damn…”
“Well, I’m not sure. I mean, we’ve kissed and talked on the phone and stuff. But I’m not sure where it’s going.”
“Well, if you don’t want him please let me know. Because I am extremely interested.” Gaila said playfully.
“Whatever.” Michelle laughed.
“This party is so lame.” Gaila sighed, looking around.
“Well, I mean, it could be better, I guess.” Michelle said, looking around. The party was pretty dull, then again, it was just getting started.
“Didn’t some nerdy Asian kid throw this?” Gaila sneered
“His name is Sulu.” Michelle glared.
“Sulu. Whatever. Anyway, have you seen him in his classes?” She laughed, “Always taking notes. It’s actually kind of pathetic.”
“He’s just paying attention.” Michelle said defensively.
“Wooooah.” Gaila said, her eyes wide. “You like him.”
“No I don’t!” Michelle retorted.
“You do to. And I totally saw you with that Vulcan, you couldn’t stop looking at him.” Gaila teased. “Who are you after, Chelle?”
Michelle sat there and realized she really didn’t have any idea, so many boys were after her, and she really did love Jim. He was her pride and her joy. He made her laugh when others had no clue how. He was amazing; and she wanted to keep him. But she had a sense something wasn’t quite right here. However, she put on her happy face. She didn’t want Gaila knowing that she was upset and clearly confused.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Final Frontier--Jim(part 2/2)

He grabbed his keys off the counter. Sun was slowly creeping in the window. It was 6:45. Jim sighed and looked around the house he’d grown up in. He reached into his wallet and pulled out the picture of his father. He was a good looking man, Jim couldn’t deny it. His smile was wide and he looked so happy. He had just graduated from Star Fleet. Jim hung his head and put the picture on the counter. It was time to let go. He couldn’t go around carrying a picture of his father his whole life.
He walked outside and clambered on his bike. He got to riverside shipyard at around 7:43. He sat there, looking at it. Ships flying around, smoke billows filling the skies. He looked around and then thought back to his old life. He was 22 years old, it was time to do something. He couldn’t just stay at home with Bill and his Mom his whole life. But the thought of Emily all alone, left a pang in his heart. And it wouldn’t go away. He sighed deeply and pressed the gas and drove forward. He left it just outside the ship, gave it to a random worker.
Christopher Pike welled with satisfaction. Jim came forward and said, “4 years, huh? I’ll do it in 3.” And he climbed on board. He looked around, and missing the whole ceiling he ran into it completely.
“Nice.” Came a loud, sarcastic voice. He looked over to see the girl he’d talked to the night before.
“At ease, gentlemen.” He said to the men he’d gotten into a fight with the preceding night.
He took a seat directly across from the girl and smiled at her. She just sat there. Hiding back a grin, however, Jim noticed. He knew she liked him; and she knew he liked her. She was beautiful. Why hadn’t he realized it before. He looked across at Uhura. “Never did get that first name!” She shook her head and smiled.
“Why are you here?” The woman asked.
Jim shrugged,” Not really sure. Captain Pike said they needed me. So…Here I am.”
“It’s not easy.” She said.” You’ve got a lot of work to do.”
“Yeah, I know. You think I’m slow?”
“Sometimes I wonder.” She said moodily. Shifting in her seat, and looking to her left.
“You barely know me.” Jim said indignantly.
‘Oh, I know you.” She retorted.
“What’s my first name?” Jim mused.
“James T. Kirk.” She said expertly.
“Hah. Good one. What’s yours then?”
“Michelle.” She replied.
Jim smiled.” That’s pretty.”
She laughed, “Oh fuck off!”
“Sir! Sir, get back to your seat, please!” A woman was yelling in the background,
“I had a seat! In the bathroom!” A man hollered back. “And it had no windows!”
“You need a doctor!”
“Dammit, I don’t need a doctor I am a doctor!” He snarled at her.
“Then you need to get back to your seat!”
“I suffer from Aviophobia, it means fear of dying in something that flies!” He sounded like a mad man! Jim and Michelle looked over at him. Completely unsure of how to feel about this current situation.
“Sir, sit down. Or else I’ll make you sit down!”
He glowered at her then snapped, “Fine.”
He sat beside Jim, Michelle and he exchanged looks and smirked. The man leaned over near Jim and said, “I may throw up on you.”
“Um, I think these things are pretty safe.” Jim said.
“Don’t pander to me, kid, one tiny crack in the hull and our blood boils in 15 seconds. Solar flare might crop up, cook us in our seats. And wait till you’re sitting pretty when a case of Andorian shingles. See if you’re still so relaxed when your eyeballs are bleedin’.” Jim looked at him as if he was crazy. “Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.”
“Well, someone’s pessimistic.” Michelle sighed.
“I hate to break it you, but Star Fleet operates in Space.” Jim told him.
The man sighed and said,” I know. I’ve got nowhere else to go. The ex-wife took the whole damn planet, and all I’ve got left is my bones.” He took a sip of the tiny bottle of vodka he’d brought along. Offered it to Jim, and Jim took a sip.” Name’s McCoy. Leonard McCoy.”
“That’s Michelle, and I’m Jim. Jim Kirk.” Jim said, handing him back the vodka.
“How come this is all you have to go to?” Michelle asked.
McCoy sighed,” Well, since we’re in for a long flight. I suppose I might as well tell you.”
“You don’t have to do that,” Jim said, tossing Michelle a dirty look. He really didn’t want to hear about anyone’s else’s hardships.
“It’s fine. I’ve got nothing else to do anyway.”
“Jessica was my everything.” McCoy began as the shuttle lifted for takeoff. She was beautiful, charming, sweet, and funny. Everything you wanted in a wife. All you ever wanted, really. Well, one day she just up and left me. I was coming home from work. And all of the sudden she was just gone. I looked for her everywhere. Then I heard someone coming down the stairs. It was Jessica, with two bags. She was leaving me. Times had been hard, money was scarce. I tried, dammit, I tried. And I begged I said, ‘Baby, please don’t leave. I love you with my whole heart.’ She told me she didn’t think it would work anymore. This made sense to me, in a way. I hadn’t been the biggest bag of sunshine at the time. I saw her hop into a convertible with some guy. And they drove off.
So, I went back inside and almost drank myself to death. I OD’d on some pills. All of that stuff. I’m ashamed to admit it, really. It was a mistake, I swear. I didn’t wanna be that way. But I walked outside--figuring I could clear my head. Some guy was selling coke on the pavement.” He chuckled, it made the irony more sweet. “I took it. With what little money I had, I told him I’d be interested in helping him, since he casually mentioned it. So, I started my business of selling coke. Just coke, no crystal or Mary Jane none of that shit. That stuff’s dangerous, crystal. Just the soft-core stuff. Then, I got caught one day, by an undercover police officer. My mother paid bail.
She was, understandably, very upset. She sent me to rehab, and I’m better.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out some pills.” These are anti-depressants.”
“Shit.” Michelle said, stunned.
“I don’t take ‘em. I don’t need ‘em.” He said this more to himself than anybody else.
“I think you do.” Michelle said frankly.
McCoy glanced up at her and said, “Really?”
“You’re upset.”
“No I’m not . I’m just fine. I just don’t wanna be here. My mother said it would be the best thing to do.”
“It is. If you’re ever in any trouble. They work wonders. Right, Uhura?” Michelle asked
Uhura tossed her a frantic look and cleared her throat,” I guess.”
“What kind of trouble were you in?” Jim asked.
“That’s none of your business.” Uhura said stiffly. “Nor yours, Michelle.”
“I’m sorry. I was in some trouble, too. Too much bar hopping and bed hopping.”
“Sex addict?” Jim giggled.
“Hah! No. You wish…I was just a whore.” Michelle said.
“Were you in any trouble?” McCoy asked Jim.
Everyone was so honest, Jim wanted to say,” My mom neglects me.” But he couldn’t find the heart to say it. That was too much information. He shook his head slowly.” Nope. Captain Pike wanted me to come.”
“Ah.” McCoy said.
San Francisco was beautiful from the air. The golden gate bridge was amazing to witness for Jim-being such a small town guy. Uhura didn’t talk much during the flight. But Michelle and McCoy and him all became such good friends. They had to decide their dorms when they got there. McCoy and Jim chose each other, while Michelle chose Uhura. They had classes that evening. Just one. Which really annoyed Jim seeing as he was so drowsy.
They got in and he collapsed on the bed. “Fuck, I’m so tired.”
“This is so cool, the sink runs by itself. Everything is automatic.”
“What were you expecting, Bones?” Jim asked.
Jim laughed,” Yeah. Seeing as that’s all you got left.”
Bones grinned,” Bones. I like that. Bones.” He walked over beside his bed and looked at it and sat down.” You like Michelle.” He said after moments of silence.
“Hm?” Jim said, half asleep.
“You like Michelle.”
Jim laughed, “What makes you think that?”
“It’s pretty obvious, man. Plus, she’s a cutie. You don’t want her, I’ll take her.”
“She’s not a prize, Bones.” Jim said protectively.
“A woman like that is a prize.”
“Yeah, well, it’s Uhura I’m after.”
Bones laughed,” She doesn’t even like you, dude!”
“She will!” Jim said indignantly.
“Surrrrre. You might wanna rethink there.”
“Well, should I go for Michelle?” Jim asked.
“I would.” McCoy said honestly.
“Dude, how old are you…35?”
“I’m 28 and a half, thanks very much.” Bones said airily.
Jim chuckled,” I’m gonna sleep.”
“Me too, class starts at 6. And it’s already 2:30.”
“Set the alarm for 5:15.”
This class was the basic learning of space. It was taught by Montgomery Scott. Or, as he was called by everyone, Scotty. He was an okay looking man. But he made his way around campus with the young ladies. It was obvious when he was flirting with you, and he wasn’t ashamed to show it. Jim learned this immediately when he caught Scotty staring at Michelle’s chest. He sat by a little boy that looked very young.
“Woah dude, how old are you?” Jim asked him as he answered two “pop questions.
“14, sir.” The boy replied with a thick Russian accent.
“Holy shit, why are you here?”
“I vas transferred here.” The boy replied simply.
“Damn. You’re smart.”
“That’s a compliment, right?” The boy asked.
“Haha, yeah.” Jim nodded. “My name’s Jim.”
“My name is Pavel Chekov.” The boy replied.
“Nice to meet you.” Jim said.
“This is my friend, Sulu.” Chekov replied to an Asian man sitting next to him. Starting straight ahead and taking notes.
“You guys take this seriously, don’t you?”
“Not really.” Sulu said. “My Dad’ll kick my ass if I don’t get good grades or become a pilot of a star ship.”
“Man, you’ve got it made.” Jim said.
“Definitely. And this kid’ll get kicked in the balls if he doesn’t do good.”
“My momma sent me all the vay here from Russia.” Pavel said.
Jim nodded. “I’m from Iowa.”
“Contrary to popular belief I’m from here.” Sulu said with a grin.
Jim laughed at this. He was making friends already. And he couldn’t help but be grateful for this. He didn’t know the answer to any of these questions Mr. Scott would ask. Chekov, of course, would always raise his hand. After awhile, he had competition. A pointy-eared fellow with a bowl cut would raise his hand. Sulu was making fun of him, as well as Bones. He later learned his name was Spock. And he was Vulcan. And he was after Uhura. He noticed this, as every now and then he would glance over at her. Jim suddenly had competition.
He later met two other people, a green woman named Gaila. She was charming and had flaming red hair. She seemed very interested in Jim. However Sulu seemed more interested in her. And Michelle. It was a never-ending circle, Jim realized. Everyone was interested in one another. And someone had their eyes on Spock. He wasn’t sure why. The guy was nothing special, big nose, big ears, big brain. He was nothing. Young, Christine Chapel. Who was majoring in medical training-like Bones. Maybe everyone would get each other and they could all go out on double-dates. Or. Octo-dates.
There was a bar on campus, Jim stopped at the end of class to go get one. Uhura and Michelle were sitting there. Having a very animated discussion about someone. Jim could only hope that it was him. He smiled and strolled over to where they were.
“Hello ladies.” Michelle turned around and smiled, whereas Uhura looked upset that he had dropped by. “Can I get you a drink?”
“You never stop, do you?” Uhura asked.
Jim shook his head, “Nope.”
“Well, no thank you. I’m going to bed. It’s been a long day.”
“It’s only 8:15.” Jim said.
“Good night.”
“See you back at the dorm!” Michelle called after her.
“What were you two talking about?” Jim asked. Michelle gave him a look and he said,” Aren’t we friends now?!”
“I guess.” Michelle shrugged. She then looked around and said, “Fine. Spock.”
“Why were you-”
“Uhura likes him.”
Jim snorted, “you’re kidding!”
“Nope. I think they’d be cute together. Seeing as she’s ‘stunning’” Michelle glared.
“You’re not so bad.” Jim said.
“You’re a fantastic liar, farm boy.” She laughed.
“I’m not lying.” Jim insisted. “You’re lovely.”
“What are you after, me…or my tits?” Michelle asked.
“Both.” Jim said.
She looked at him and burst into laughter. “And aren’t you after my big cock, right?!”
“Yeah…Sure. That’s what I want!” She said sarcastically.
And they both laughed so loud, everyone looked over at them. She said through laughter that they should leave. They laughed all the way over to the edge of the bay. There was a perfect view of the bridge from where they were. They sat down laughing. She leaned against him, and he snaked an arm around her.
“You’re hilarious.” Michelle said, finally once the laughing had ceased.
“Thanks.” Jim said.
“Why are you here, really?” She looked up at him curiously.
“My mom hates me.” Jim said.
“That’s it?”
“Yeah, she doesn’t give a fuck about me. So, I left. She didn’t try and stop me.” Jim said.
“Didn’t your Dad die?”
“My mom’s dead, too.” Michelle said.
“I’m sorry.”
She looked up at him and kissed him on the cheek. He looked at her and then kissed her square on the lips, and she kissed back. She wrapped her arms around him, and they stayed like this for several minutes. “She died of cancer.” Michelle said when they broke apart. “I was two.”
“I was barely even out of the womb.” Jim sighed.
“I know all about it.” Michelle said.
“Who doesn’t!” Michelle said.
“I’m talked about?”
“Your Dad is. He’s a legend.” Michelle said.
Jim looked stunned and fell back on the grass and exhaled loudly.” Damn.”
“It’s a hard life.” Michelle said, laying down beside him.
“Pft, yeah.”
“So, your Mom doesn’t like you. Does this have something to do with your Dad?”
“She says it doesn’t. But I know it does.” Jim said.
“You look a lot like him.”
“I guess.” Jim said.
“You do! Look, your Dad was great. But you don’t have to be like him. I mean, hell, you could take Scotty’s job if you ser your mind to it.” Michelle said.
“You think?”
“I do. Anyone could take his job. He’s gonna get fired soon, anyway.” She said absentmindedly.
“Why is that?”
“Have you seen the way he is with chicks? It’s unbelievable. Court Martial has already given him 5 warnings. He doesn’t have much time.”
“I like you, Michelle.” Jim said.
She laughed, “It’s not gonna happen.”
She just lay there. And it was silence. Jim didn’t push it, that would be a mistake. He waited for her to speak and when she finally did, she blew him away, “Because, I’ll break your heart.”
“Maybe I’ll break yours.”
“No, because nobody breaks your heart. And, anyway, why would I want that?”
Jim shrugged, “I’m worth it.”
“Are you?”
Jim rolled over on his knees and his face was hovering from hers. “Oh yeah.” And he leaned down and kissed her. Sweet at first, then more demanding and fast. It was sweet, the waves coming in, along with the chirping of crickets in the distance. All the night sounds of San Francisco.
He pulled away and she looked at him and said, “We wouldn’t be good together.”
She sighed, “We’re too much alike. I’m typical for girls, you’re typical for men.”
“So, let’s be typical together.”
She laughed, “You’re silly.”
“You’re cute.”
She leaned up and kissed him. Pulling him back down. He didn’t dare pull anything on her. He wanted to make this last. To be with her. Just like this. It was sweet and serene. She was amazing. He didn’t get why it had never worked before. With anyone. It al seemed so simple with Michelle. And suddenly, he didn’t miss Emily at all. Or his mother, or Bill. He missed that warm, fuzzy feeling when he went back to lay in his bed. His heart hammering. Bones was in his bed already. Softy snoring. Jim could still taste her mouth. He could still feel her body beneath his. Her soft hair on his fingers. And wondered how he’d been living his life.

The Final Frontier--Jim(part 1/2)

Jim woke up on a rainy afternoon. He began his morning routine; working out as soon as the alarm went off. He wanted to look good and maintain his good physique. After he was done working out; he was just about to put on his clothes when his alarm on his watch went off. He smirked and went over to the window. He opened the curtains and looked across the street. You could clearly see a naked woman in the house directly across from his. Jim’s smirk got a little bigger. She looked across at him; and there smirk was shared. He could see her so clearly as she got ready for work each morning. Then something caught his eye and he looked down. There was a girl with light blonde hair that had botched up hair and makeup smeared across her smoky green eyes. She was flawless. Even in her disheveled state.
It was Jim’s job to let her in each morning. He shared one more smirk with the woman across the street than turned to his iPod which was in his stereo. He found the loudest song he had. It had a rockin’ base. He smirked as her heard Bill’s loud obnoxious voice yell his name. He proceeded to open his drawer and browse for a clean shirt. He then heard loud stomps up the stairs, the door opened, and he motioned for the girl to come in, ” FOR CHRST’S SAKE, JIM!” He bellowed. “JIM!” “JIIIIM! YOU LITTLE FUCKER! TURN IT DOWN!” Jim finally turned to him and yelled back,” WHAT?” “TURN IT DOWN!” “I’M TRYING! THE VOLUME’S BUSTED!” “JESUS CHRIST! FUCKING TURN IT DOWWWWWWWWN! JIM! JIM! OH SHIT!” Then the door slammed shut. Jim sighed and said,” Jesus…” Then found his clothes for the day.
Later Jim was using the bathroom when Bill, again, knocked on the door.” How long are you gonna be in there?!”
Jim turned away from his book and said,” Not long now,” to the closed door.
“Oh fucking hell.” Bill snapped.
Jim finished and flushed the toilet, washed his hands. And grinned as Bill began to curse & pound on the door once more. He began to brush his teeth. Then he opened the bathroom window, grabbed onto the pole adjacent to it, and slid down. He finished brushing his teeth and spat out the remaining tooth paste and looked up just to see the woman from across the street, whom he’d been watching earlier. They shared a smile then Jim went inside.
“Hello.” His mother said, a bit more brighter than usual. The sun looked radiant, shining through the window, on her blonde hair. “Would you like some eggs. Emily’s having some. She didn’t sleep too well.”
Jim looked over at Emily and she gave him a look as if to say; “don’t tell or I’ll kill you” He said, “No thanks, Mom.” Emily never talked. She’d been living in this house for 3 months; and barely a word had been exchanged between the two. But, he often would look out for her. He loved her. And at 22, he remembered what it was like to be 17. She often would tease him for still living at home; but it was what his mother wanted. Although she had her slew of boyfriends(Bill being the latest) she still needed Jim at home. It could be because his father had died the day Jim was born. Jim had never met him. Nor had he ever wanted to. He was fine without a father. Would be fine without a mother. He often told Emily that they would move away some day when he got enough money. Just him & her. He really cared for her; his little sister. None of his mother’s other boyfriends had children.
“What the fuck is taking him so long, Winona?” Jim heard Bill say loudly as he was coming down the stairs. He and Emily shared a grin. “I mean seriously, what is he doing?! Trimming his fucking pubes or something. I mean, Winnie, what is he-”
He came down and saw Jim eating some cereal and daggers were shooting from his eyes. Winona gave a look of contempt for Bill. Jim was always playing tricks on him. Every morning. “I think that lock is messed up again. The drill is under the sink.”
“You take me for a complete retard don’t you?” Bill growled.
He bent down and opened up the cabinet under the sink and cursed, “Oh fucking shit wang twat, where is the fucking thing?!”
“Bill!” Winona snapped. “Do you have to curse every morning?!”
“I have to fucking piss.” Bill snapped back.
Jim giggled. And Emily rolled her eyes at him, but she found it as funny as Jim. He was always funny.
Bill slapped the back of Jim’s head as he walked past, “Fucker.”
“Whatever.” Jim said.
“Jim, you shouldn’t be so rude!” His mom scolded. “Bill does a lot for you!”
“Oh, bullcrap!” Jim objected. “He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about me!”
His mother frowned,” Now you know that’s not true!”
“And neither do you! You never have!”
“You have no pictures of me in the house! You have more pictures of Emily then me! I can’t even believe that you sit here, and call yourself a mother! You barely even know Emily-and you love her more than me! I’m your son! Don’t I matter?”
“Fuck you.” Jim spat it out before he could think.
Her eyes widened, “What did you just say!”
Jim turned and ran up the stairs and slammed his door.” Fuck!” He yelled and sat down on his bed. There was a knocking,” Go away!”
“It’s Emily.” Her soft voice called.
She came in and looked at him, and said sympathetically. “Jim.” She said this softly. Almost so softly, he couldn’t hear her properly. She sat down beside him and wrapped an arm around it.
“They fuck you up.” Jim sighed.
“They don’t mean to.” She entwined his hand in hers.
“But they do…They really do. Especially her.”
“She loves you. She just doesn’t know how to show it. Plus, she had you so young. 19... She didn’t know what do to. All by herself. No George. No one. And a little baby. I mean, what would you do if you had a baby right now?”
“I would love it do death.” Jim said tersely.
Emily sighed.
“Look, Ems, I love you! I barely even know you-and I love you! You never even talk to me- and I care about you so much!”
Emily swelled with pride.” Wow…Thanks.”
“See? I mean.. It’s not that hard. Love.”
“It is for them.” Emily gestured towards the door.
--Later that night--
Jim often went to the bar on Tuesdays. There really wasn’t anyone there. But tonight was a different story. He’d asked around and it turns out it was bunch of cadets for Star Fleet. It was the final call and for some reason it was in Iowa. The final shipment left tomorrow and was heading to the main Star Fleet base in San Francisco. He was having a drink when all of the sudden he peeked over and saw a very attractive woman ordering several drinks.
“What do you think sounds good?” The woman asked her friend.
“Um. I don’t know. I don’t see anything that…”
“The translusho looks good.” Jim offered.
“Yeah, one of those. Thanks. And 2 Cardassian sun rises.” Her ebony skin seemed to glow in the lamp hanging overhead. Her dark black hair fell to her shoulders, she was gorgeous.
“That’s a lot of drinks for one woman.”
“Actually there’s two of us…” Her friend said. Jim looked over she was blonde. Typical. She looked boring. The other one looked feisty.
“And two shots of jack straight up.” The feisty woman finished.
“Those are on me.” Jim smiled.
“Um, those shots are on her. Thanks, but no thanks.”
Jim slumped a little. “Don’t you at least wanna know my name before you completely reject me?”
She waved her hands and said, “I’m fine without it.”
Jim laughed,” You are fine without it!” She had a grin on he face and he proceeded, “It’s Jim…Jim Kirk.” She just stood there. “If you don’t tell me your name I’m gonna have to make one up!”
She rolled her eyes a little and said, “It’s Uhura.”
“Uhura! No way, that’s the name I was gonna make up for you!” The guy next to him shook his head in disbelief. Then he pried, “Uhura, what?”
“Just Uhura.” She nodded.
“They don’t have last names in your world?”
“Uhura is my last name.”
“So…They don’t have first names in your world?” She shook her head and sighed. He grinned and slid on over towards her and her friend and said, “Sooo, you’re a cadet. You’re stunning, what’s your focus?”
Uhura turned to him, she looked bored and replied,” Xeno linguistics. You have no idea what that means.”
“Study of alien languages.” Jim said expertly. “Morphology, phonology, syntax. Means you’ve got a talented tongue.”
She smiled brightly and said, “I’m impressed. For a minute there I thought you were a dumb hick who only has sex with farm animals.”
“Well…Not only.” He replied playfully.
She laughed and someone came over, “This townie isn’t bothering you?”
“Haha. Beyond belief!” She picked up her glass and took a sip and shrugged,” But it’s nothing that I can’t handle.”
“You could handle me, that’s an invitation.” Jim said suggestively.
“Hey, farm boy!” The man said.” Watch your manners!”
“Easy, cupcake, it was a joke.” Jim said.
“Well, maybe you haven’t counted, but there are four of us and only one of you!”
“Well, get two more guys-make it an even fight.” Jim said. And he patted the man on the cheek.
This was a mistake. The man soon punched him in the face; and an epic bar fight broke out. It was one of those kinds. Jim fought back admirably. Fists and glass were flying. He was sprawled out on the floor soon enough, they picked him up and lay him across the table. Jim got his ass handed to him. The blonde rolled her eyes and whispered to Uhura,” Fuck this. I’m out of here. I don’t wanna get in trouble with Captain Pike. Just because of this loser.”
“Michelle! Don’t go!” Uhura pleaded. She then yelled as Jim got punched in the nose. Blood gushing from his mouth,” HE’S HAD ENOUGH GUYS!”
“Yes. I’m sick of this.. I get rejected every time. He was the one guy, I thought I could have a good time with. And he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.”
“He offered to pay for your drinks!” Uhura insisted.
Michelle shook her head and stalked off. Uhura yelled again, ”STOPPIT GUYS! I SAID THAT’S ENOUGH!”
Just then a loud whistle came through the doorway and everything stopped. A man of about 45 or so was standing there, observing the scene. “Get out of here, all of you!” All the cadets marched forward and the man looked at Jim and said,” You okay, kid?”
“You can whistle really loud!” Jim slurred. “You know that?!”
“I couldn’t believe when the bartender told me who you were.” Captain Christopher Pike said, looking hopefully at Jim.
Jim laughed and said,” Who am I, Captain Pike? I don’t get what makes me so special.”
“Your father’s son.” He said. “I was assigned from my dissertation the USS Kelvin. And that’s something I admired about your father-he didn’t believe in no win scenarios.”
“And that worked out so well for him. He won in the end, didn‘t he? ” Jim said, with a tone of irony to his voice.
“Depends on what you mean by winning, you’re here aren’t you?” Captain Pike said. His words were barbs. Sent to hurt him, meant to make him feel something. What, compassion?
“I looked up your file, while you were drooling on the floor. And your aptitude tests are off the charts. So what is it? Do you like being the only repeat offender in the Midwest?”
“Maybe I love it.” Jim said sardonically.
Captain Pike ignored this statement. After all, he had to deal with this all the time. “Look, so your dad dies. You can settle less for a normal life…Enlist in Star Fleet. .”
Jim scoffed, “Enlist?! Damn, man, you must be way down on your-”
“If you’re half the man you father was, Star Fleet could use you.”
Jim shook his head. It was always about his father. “Yeah, well, he sure learned his lesson.”
Captain Pike ignored this again.” You do understand what the Federation is, don’t you? It’s a peace keeping armada. Look, Jim, you could be an officer in 4 years. Have your own ship in 8. W-”
“We done?” Jim had had enough. Every time someone brought up his father, a part of him died inside. It was as if that’s all people could think of when they saw or heard Jim Kirk.
“I’m done,” Captain Pike stood up and continued,” Riverside Shipyard-a ship leaves for new recruits at 0800.”
Jim raised his glass. “Your father was captain of a star ship for 12 minutes. He saved 800 lives. Including your mother’s. And yours. I dare you to do better.”
Those words rang in Jim’s ears as Captain Pike exited the club. Jim shook his head. It was bullshit. He didn’t want to be like his Dad. He wanted to be Jim. He couldn’t ever not go a day without hearing something about his father, and how amazing he was. Sure, maybe he was amazing-but he was someone Jim never knew. Or cared to know. He honestly wish his mother had never told him that crisp March day, 2 weeks after had turned 7. He’d wished he’d never asked. He’d wished the boys at school had never asked or teased. Or why he didn’t know how to throw a football till he was 12. He drank the last of his beer and grabbed his jacket and walked out.
There was the blonde. He didn’t realize how beautiful she was. Curvy, in a bright, red dress that hugged her in all the right ways. Her hair curled around her shoulders. And she smoke came out of her mouth in curls. She looked over at him, and her green eyes slanted into a glare. She wasn’t pleased, and Jim chuckled at this.
“Hey there.” He flirted.
“What do you want?” She spat at him suddenly.
“I just wanted to talk to you.” He said meekly.
“You didn’t seem to want to talk to me in there.” She said, she was hollow. Maybe she was feisty. Maybe she was the girl of his dreams.
“I didn’t…see you.” Jim said. This was semi-true. She didn’t really make the effort.
“I was right there!” Michelle said angrily. “How could you not see me?!”
“I dunno. I’m asking myself that right now.” Jim smirked.
She rolled her eyes and took the last puff on her cigarette and threw it on the ground and stamped it out. She turned to Jim.” I know you. I know how you think you are going to lure me in and sleep with me later tonight, right? Hah, well I don’t think so farm boy. You think you’re so amazing. So suave. And you think your cock’s so big, well listen to this, I’m not going anywhere near you or your crayola-ed dick, ever!”
She then turned and walked off. Jim watched her as she walked. She was good. Real good. He didn’t know what he had been expecting. But it certainly wasn’t that. He was proud, though. And he felt good. He felt like he got her. She was a cadet, maybe he’d go and surprise her tomorrow. It was getting late, already. Maybe he’d better head home. He looked at the dried blood on his shirt but he shrugged and climbed on his mo-ped and drove off into the distance.
“Where the fuck have you been, Jim? God dammit, we were worried sick!” Bill bellowed. Just then, Emily floated down the stairs.
“My God! Jim! Why is there blood all over you, and your shirt! Oh God, sit down.” Jim sat down on the kitchen table while his mother got a wash cloth with warm water. Bill just stood their against the wall, frowning. Waiting for an answer. But Jim just sat there. Emily’s face was full of concern.
“Take your shirt off.” She said. Jim obliged and she said,” Tell me what happened!”
“I got into a fight.” Jim said.
“Well, that’s fucking obvious.” Bill said heatedly.
“Where?!” Winona said frantically. Siphoning off the dried blood with the warm wash cloth.
“At the bar.” Jim said.
“Oh, Jesus! Are you alright?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.”
“Oh, good. I told you to stop this, Jim. You worry me sick!”
“I’m enrolling at Star Fleet.” Jim said without warning.
She stopped suddenly and looked at him and said, “You’re joking..”
“Wh-Why?” She stammered.
“Because…I want to. Some guy came and talked to me. Said it would be good for me. They could use me. Because of Dad.”
“I don’t think you should.” She said abruptly.
“What? Why? That’s so selfish mom. I’m not gonna die like Dad. He was stupid.” Jim said angrily.
“He didn’t want to lose you. Neither do I!” She protested. She looked stressed and unhappy. She looked pathetic.
“You won’t. I’ll be fine. And you and Bill and Emily can all be a happy family. Just like you wanted.” Jim said bitterly.
“Jim!” His mother called after him as he slumped up the stairs.
He heard someone following him and turned around and saw Emily. She looked desolate and lonely. Like everything was leaving her, all at once.
“What do you want?”
“To talk.” She said. She had tears in her eyes.
He walked in his bedroom, leaving the door open for her. “You’ll be fine, you know.” Jim said.
A single tear escaped, “You can’t leave me here. With them.” Her voice was shaky.
“I-I have to. It’s the only way I can get out of here.” Jim said.
“But. Without you…I won’t survive!” Emily cried.” I won’t be able to be here without you, Jim!”
He walked over and put his arms around her, “Yes you will. I love you Ems. Don’t be afraid. Okay? Never be afraid.”
“Okay.” She sobbed into his shoulder. “Okay.”
“I promise, I’ll be fine. And I’ll be back for you?”
“Soon! I promise…” He assured her.