Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Final Frontier--Jim(part 1/2)

Jim woke up on a rainy afternoon. He began his morning routine; working out as soon as the alarm went off. He wanted to look good and maintain his good physique. After he was done working out; he was just about to put on his clothes when his alarm on his watch went off. He smirked and went over to the window. He opened the curtains and looked across the street. You could clearly see a naked woman in the house directly across from his. Jim’s smirk got a little bigger. She looked across at him; and there smirk was shared. He could see her so clearly as she got ready for work each morning. Then something caught his eye and he looked down. There was a girl with light blonde hair that had botched up hair and makeup smeared across her smoky green eyes. She was flawless. Even in her disheveled state.
It was Jim’s job to let her in each morning. He shared one more smirk with the woman across the street than turned to his iPod which was in his stereo. He found the loudest song he had. It had a rockin’ base. He smirked as her heard Bill’s loud obnoxious voice yell his name. He proceeded to open his drawer and browse for a clean shirt. He then heard loud stomps up the stairs, the door opened, and he motioned for the girl to come in, ” FOR CHRST’S SAKE, JIM!” He bellowed. “JIM!” “JIIIIM! YOU LITTLE FUCKER! TURN IT DOWN!” Jim finally turned to him and yelled back,” WHAT?” “TURN IT DOWN!” “I’M TRYING! THE VOLUME’S BUSTED!” “JESUS CHRIST! FUCKING TURN IT DOWWWWWWWWN! JIM! JIM! OH SHIT!” Then the door slammed shut. Jim sighed and said,” Jesus…” Then found his clothes for the day.
Later Jim was using the bathroom when Bill, again, knocked on the door.” How long are you gonna be in there?!”
Jim turned away from his book and said,” Not long now,” to the closed door.
“Oh fucking hell.” Bill snapped.
Jim finished and flushed the toilet, washed his hands. And grinned as Bill began to curse & pound on the door once more. He began to brush his teeth. Then he opened the bathroom window, grabbed onto the pole adjacent to it, and slid down. He finished brushing his teeth and spat out the remaining tooth paste and looked up just to see the woman from across the street, whom he’d been watching earlier. They shared a smile then Jim went inside.
“Hello.” His mother said, a bit more brighter than usual. The sun looked radiant, shining through the window, on her blonde hair. “Would you like some eggs. Emily’s having some. She didn’t sleep too well.”
Jim looked over at Emily and she gave him a look as if to say; “don’t tell or I’ll kill you” He said, “No thanks, Mom.” Emily never talked. She’d been living in this house for 3 months; and barely a word had been exchanged between the two. But, he often would look out for her. He loved her. And at 22, he remembered what it was like to be 17. She often would tease him for still living at home; but it was what his mother wanted. Although she had her slew of boyfriends(Bill being the latest) she still needed Jim at home. It could be because his father had died the day Jim was born. Jim had never met him. Nor had he ever wanted to. He was fine without a father. Would be fine without a mother. He often told Emily that they would move away some day when he got enough money. Just him & her. He really cared for her; his little sister. None of his mother’s other boyfriends had children.
“What the fuck is taking him so long, Winona?” Jim heard Bill say loudly as he was coming down the stairs. He and Emily shared a grin. “I mean seriously, what is he doing?! Trimming his fucking pubes or something. I mean, Winnie, what is he-”
He came down and saw Jim eating some cereal and daggers were shooting from his eyes. Winona gave a look of contempt for Bill. Jim was always playing tricks on him. Every morning. “I think that lock is messed up again. The drill is under the sink.”
“You take me for a complete retard don’t you?” Bill growled.
He bent down and opened up the cabinet under the sink and cursed, “Oh fucking shit wang twat, where is the fucking thing?!”
“Bill!” Winona snapped. “Do you have to curse every morning?!”
“I have to fucking piss.” Bill snapped back.
Jim giggled. And Emily rolled her eyes at him, but she found it as funny as Jim. He was always funny.
Bill slapped the back of Jim’s head as he walked past, “Fucker.”
“Whatever.” Jim said.
“Jim, you shouldn’t be so rude!” His mom scolded. “Bill does a lot for you!”
“Oh, bullcrap!” Jim objected. “He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about me!”
His mother frowned,” Now you know that’s not true!”
“And neither do you! You never have!”
“You have no pictures of me in the house! You have more pictures of Emily then me! I can’t even believe that you sit here, and call yourself a mother! You barely even know Emily-and you love her more than me! I’m your son! Don’t I matter?”
“Fuck you.” Jim spat it out before he could think.
Her eyes widened, “What did you just say!”
Jim turned and ran up the stairs and slammed his door.” Fuck!” He yelled and sat down on his bed. There was a knocking,” Go away!”
“It’s Emily.” Her soft voice called.
She came in and looked at him, and said sympathetically. “Jim.” She said this softly. Almost so softly, he couldn’t hear her properly. She sat down beside him and wrapped an arm around it.
“They fuck you up.” Jim sighed.
“They don’t mean to.” She entwined his hand in hers.
“But they do…They really do. Especially her.”
“She loves you. She just doesn’t know how to show it. Plus, she had you so young. 19... She didn’t know what do to. All by herself. No George. No one. And a little baby. I mean, what would you do if you had a baby right now?”
“I would love it do death.” Jim said tersely.
Emily sighed.
“Look, Ems, I love you! I barely even know you-and I love you! You never even talk to me- and I care about you so much!”
Emily swelled with pride.” Wow…Thanks.”
“See? I mean.. It’s not that hard. Love.”
“It is for them.” Emily gestured towards the door.
--Later that night--
Jim often went to the bar on Tuesdays. There really wasn’t anyone there. But tonight was a different story. He’d asked around and it turns out it was bunch of cadets for Star Fleet. It was the final call and for some reason it was in Iowa. The final shipment left tomorrow and was heading to the main Star Fleet base in San Francisco. He was having a drink when all of the sudden he peeked over and saw a very attractive woman ordering several drinks.
“What do you think sounds good?” The woman asked her friend.
“Um. I don’t know. I don’t see anything that…”
“The translusho looks good.” Jim offered.
“Yeah, one of those. Thanks. And 2 Cardassian sun rises.” Her ebony skin seemed to glow in the lamp hanging overhead. Her dark black hair fell to her shoulders, she was gorgeous.
“That’s a lot of drinks for one woman.”
“Actually there’s two of us…” Her friend said. Jim looked over she was blonde. Typical. She looked boring. The other one looked feisty.
“And two shots of jack straight up.” The feisty woman finished.
“Those are on me.” Jim smiled.
“Um, those shots are on her. Thanks, but no thanks.”
Jim slumped a little. “Don’t you at least wanna know my name before you completely reject me?”
She waved her hands and said, “I’m fine without it.”
Jim laughed,” You are fine without it!” She had a grin on he face and he proceeded, “It’s Jim…Jim Kirk.” She just stood there. “If you don’t tell me your name I’m gonna have to make one up!”
She rolled her eyes a little and said, “It’s Uhura.”
“Uhura! No way, that’s the name I was gonna make up for you!” The guy next to him shook his head in disbelief. Then he pried, “Uhura, what?”
“Just Uhura.” She nodded.
“They don’t have last names in your world?”
“Uhura is my last name.”
“So…They don’t have first names in your world?” She shook her head and sighed. He grinned and slid on over towards her and her friend and said, “Sooo, you’re a cadet. You’re stunning, what’s your focus?”
Uhura turned to him, she looked bored and replied,” Xeno linguistics. You have no idea what that means.”
“Study of alien languages.” Jim said expertly. “Morphology, phonology, syntax. Means you’ve got a talented tongue.”
She smiled brightly and said, “I’m impressed. For a minute there I thought you were a dumb hick who only has sex with farm animals.”
“Well…Not only.” He replied playfully.
She laughed and someone came over, “This townie isn’t bothering you?”
“Haha. Beyond belief!” She picked up her glass and took a sip and shrugged,” But it’s nothing that I can’t handle.”
“You could handle me, that’s an invitation.” Jim said suggestively.
“Hey, farm boy!” The man said.” Watch your manners!”
“Easy, cupcake, it was a joke.” Jim said.
“Well, maybe you haven’t counted, but there are four of us and only one of you!”
“Well, get two more guys-make it an even fight.” Jim said. And he patted the man on the cheek.
This was a mistake. The man soon punched him in the face; and an epic bar fight broke out. It was one of those kinds. Jim fought back admirably. Fists and glass were flying. He was sprawled out on the floor soon enough, they picked him up and lay him across the table. Jim got his ass handed to him. The blonde rolled her eyes and whispered to Uhura,” Fuck this. I’m out of here. I don’t wanna get in trouble with Captain Pike. Just because of this loser.”
“Michelle! Don’t go!” Uhura pleaded. She then yelled as Jim got punched in the nose. Blood gushing from his mouth,” HE’S HAD ENOUGH GUYS!”
“Yes. I’m sick of this.. I get rejected every time. He was the one guy, I thought I could have a good time with. And he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.”
“He offered to pay for your drinks!” Uhura insisted.
Michelle shook her head and stalked off. Uhura yelled again, ”STOPPIT GUYS! I SAID THAT’S ENOUGH!”
Just then a loud whistle came through the doorway and everything stopped. A man of about 45 or so was standing there, observing the scene. “Get out of here, all of you!” All the cadets marched forward and the man looked at Jim and said,” You okay, kid?”
“You can whistle really loud!” Jim slurred. “You know that?!”
“I couldn’t believe when the bartender told me who you were.” Captain Christopher Pike said, looking hopefully at Jim.
Jim laughed and said,” Who am I, Captain Pike? I don’t get what makes me so special.”
“Your father’s son.” He said. “I was assigned from my dissertation the USS Kelvin. And that’s something I admired about your father-he didn’t believe in no win scenarios.”
“And that worked out so well for him. He won in the end, didn‘t he? ” Jim said, with a tone of irony to his voice.
“Depends on what you mean by winning, you’re here aren’t you?” Captain Pike said. His words were barbs. Sent to hurt him, meant to make him feel something. What, compassion?
“I looked up your file, while you were drooling on the floor. And your aptitude tests are off the charts. So what is it? Do you like being the only repeat offender in the Midwest?”
“Maybe I love it.” Jim said sardonically.
Captain Pike ignored this statement. After all, he had to deal with this all the time. “Look, so your dad dies. You can settle less for a normal life…Enlist in Star Fleet. .”
Jim scoffed, “Enlist?! Damn, man, you must be way down on your-”
“If you’re half the man you father was, Star Fleet could use you.”
Jim shook his head. It was always about his father. “Yeah, well, he sure learned his lesson.”
Captain Pike ignored this again.” You do understand what the Federation is, don’t you? It’s a peace keeping armada. Look, Jim, you could be an officer in 4 years. Have your own ship in 8. W-”
“We done?” Jim had had enough. Every time someone brought up his father, a part of him died inside. It was as if that’s all people could think of when they saw or heard Jim Kirk.
“I’m done,” Captain Pike stood up and continued,” Riverside Shipyard-a ship leaves for new recruits at 0800.”
Jim raised his glass. “Your father was captain of a star ship for 12 minutes. He saved 800 lives. Including your mother’s. And yours. I dare you to do better.”
Those words rang in Jim’s ears as Captain Pike exited the club. Jim shook his head. It was bullshit. He didn’t want to be like his Dad. He wanted to be Jim. He couldn’t ever not go a day without hearing something about his father, and how amazing he was. Sure, maybe he was amazing-but he was someone Jim never knew. Or cared to know. He honestly wish his mother had never told him that crisp March day, 2 weeks after had turned 7. He’d wished he’d never asked. He’d wished the boys at school had never asked or teased. Or why he didn’t know how to throw a football till he was 12. He drank the last of his beer and grabbed his jacket and walked out.
There was the blonde. He didn’t realize how beautiful she was. Curvy, in a bright, red dress that hugged her in all the right ways. Her hair curled around her shoulders. And she smoke came out of her mouth in curls. She looked over at him, and her green eyes slanted into a glare. She wasn’t pleased, and Jim chuckled at this.
“Hey there.” He flirted.
“What do you want?” She spat at him suddenly.
“I just wanted to talk to you.” He said meekly.
“You didn’t seem to want to talk to me in there.” She said, she was hollow. Maybe she was feisty. Maybe she was the girl of his dreams.
“I didn’t…see you.” Jim said. This was semi-true. She didn’t really make the effort.
“I was right there!” Michelle said angrily. “How could you not see me?!”
“I dunno. I’m asking myself that right now.” Jim smirked.
She rolled her eyes and took the last puff on her cigarette and threw it on the ground and stamped it out. She turned to Jim.” I know you. I know how you think you are going to lure me in and sleep with me later tonight, right? Hah, well I don’t think so farm boy. You think you’re so amazing. So suave. And you think your cock’s so big, well listen to this, I’m not going anywhere near you or your crayola-ed dick, ever!”
She then turned and walked off. Jim watched her as she walked. She was good. Real good. He didn’t know what he had been expecting. But it certainly wasn’t that. He was proud, though. And he felt good. He felt like he got her. She was a cadet, maybe he’d go and surprise her tomorrow. It was getting late, already. Maybe he’d better head home. He looked at the dried blood on his shirt but he shrugged and climbed on his mo-ped and drove off into the distance.
“Where the fuck have you been, Jim? God dammit, we were worried sick!” Bill bellowed. Just then, Emily floated down the stairs.
“My God! Jim! Why is there blood all over you, and your shirt! Oh God, sit down.” Jim sat down on the kitchen table while his mother got a wash cloth with warm water. Bill just stood their against the wall, frowning. Waiting for an answer. But Jim just sat there. Emily’s face was full of concern.
“Take your shirt off.” She said. Jim obliged and she said,” Tell me what happened!”
“I got into a fight.” Jim said.
“Well, that’s fucking obvious.” Bill said heatedly.
“Where?!” Winona said frantically. Siphoning off the dried blood with the warm wash cloth.
“At the bar.” Jim said.
“Oh, Jesus! Are you alright?”
“Yeah, I’m fine.”
“Oh, good. I told you to stop this, Jim. You worry me sick!”
“I’m enrolling at Star Fleet.” Jim said without warning.
She stopped suddenly and looked at him and said, “You’re joking..”
“Wh-Why?” She stammered.
“Because…I want to. Some guy came and talked to me. Said it would be good for me. They could use me. Because of Dad.”
“I don’t think you should.” She said abruptly.
“What? Why? That’s so selfish mom. I’m not gonna die like Dad. He was stupid.” Jim said angrily.
“He didn’t want to lose you. Neither do I!” She protested. She looked stressed and unhappy. She looked pathetic.
“You won’t. I’ll be fine. And you and Bill and Emily can all be a happy family. Just like you wanted.” Jim said bitterly.
“Jim!” His mother called after him as he slumped up the stairs.
He heard someone following him and turned around and saw Emily. She looked desolate and lonely. Like everything was leaving her, all at once.
“What do you want?”
“To talk.” She said. She had tears in her eyes.
He walked in his bedroom, leaving the door open for her. “You’ll be fine, you know.” Jim said.
A single tear escaped, “You can’t leave me here. With them.” Her voice was shaky.
“I-I have to. It’s the only way I can get out of here.” Jim said.
“But. Without you…I won’t survive!” Emily cried.” I won’t be able to be here without you, Jim!”
He walked over and put his arms around her, “Yes you will. I love you Ems. Don’t be afraid. Okay? Never be afraid.”
“Okay.” She sobbed into his shoulder. “Okay.”
“I promise, I’ll be fine. And I’ll be back for you?”
“Soon! I promise…” He assured her.

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