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The Final Frontier--Michelle (1/2)

--Michelle episode 2--
She woke up the next morning at around 9:15. Perfect, classes started at 10:30. She had time to eat and get ready. She heard the sink running in the bathroom, and guessed that it was Uhura. She sighed, and sat up a little. The sun was slowly creeping in the window. Shining right in Michelle’s face.
“Nyota!” She called.
Uhura came out in a bra and some pajama pants,” What?’
“You almost done?”
“I am.” She said. She went over to her drawer and pulled out her uniform, stopped and turned around and said, “Where were you last night?”
“I went off with Jim.” Michelle responded.
“Why?” Nyota asked.
“It’s not that big of a deal, Oty.” Michelle responded.
“Um, yes it is. He’s disgusting.” Nyota said.
“Why? He didn’t do anything. We didn’t do anything.” Michelle said, annoyed.
“Did he…get into your pants?”
“No! We just talked.”
“Are you together.”
“We just talked.” Michelle said again. There was a long silence.
“Why are so against him?” Michelle asked, aggravated.
Nyota shook her head an continued to get dressed. “And anyway, don’t you like Spock?”
“I do. But...He’s different.” Nyota said.
“How do you know? You don’t even know him.”
“He’s Vulcan. He doesn’t get those lustful feelings.” Nyota explained.
“But I like those lustful feelings. That’s what makes it fun.” Michelle retorted.
“I just…I don’t like guys, okay? I don’t trust him. They only want one thing, and one thing only.” Nyota warned in a serious tone.
“You sound like your Grandma.” Michelle teased.
“Oh my God! You don’t get it do you” Uhura threw down her shirt on the bed. “I worked in a strip club, Michelle! I know firsthand what guys are like. They’re greedy pigs.”
Michelle’s eyes widened, “What? Why?”
Nyota turned around and put on her shirt and cleared her throat, “I needed money for school.”
“Your Grandma wouldn’t pay for you?” Michelle asked, her voice full of worry and concern.
“She didn’t have enough money.” Nyota said quickly. “So, I paid my own way in.”
“My God, I’m so sorry. I-”
“No, it’s fine. You do what you want with Jim, I’m just letting you know.” Uhura said, her voice grave with genuine concern. She’d made Michelle’s mistake. Trusting a guy like Jim. She flinched as she remembered. Her shirt falling to the floor, binoculars, a grin. Tears streaming down her face. The cops being called, her mother hysterically yelling. He left, looking pleased with himself. Leaving her…Feeling violated.
“But, I feel so alive when I’m with Jim. I told him he shouldn’t be with me. I opened up with him. He’s amazing.” Michelle protested.
“I understand.” Nyota said.
“Do you want me to hook you up with Spock?”
She laughed,” That’s the last thing I want!”
Michelle grinned, “Okay.”
She went and got ready and when she stepped out of the shower she got a call from Jim. She smiled, he made her feel so amazing, she couldn’t describe it. She thought about Uhura’s words of wisdom. Honestly, it hurt her that Nyota thought that way about men. But I guess, working in a strip club will do that to you.
“Hello?” She picked up the phone.
“Hey there, do you have class today?”
“Aw, I actually do.” Michelle sighed. “I’m sorry.
“Shit, man, I was thinking we could…Get together.” His voice lowered. And Michelle knew what he wanted. She heard a door close, “What are you wearing?”
“You’re joking, right?” Michelle laughed.
“I’m dead serious.”
“Nothing.” Michelle said simply.
“Oh, you tease.” Jim moaned.
She laughed and looked at the clock. “Damn, I really have to go.”
“And you lead me all this way?”
“Jim, I’m sorry. I gotta go.” Michelle said.
“Okay, later.”
“Goodbye Jim.”
“What does that mean!”
She hung up the phone and laughed a giddy laugh and began to get ready for school. She headed down to the cafeteria to get some food, she saw Spock in line. She smiled. She got beside him, and she saw him looking at her up and down. They both reached for the same thing, a cherry poptart.
“Oh, go ahead.” Michelle said.
“No, it’s quite alright. You take it, I’m not that famished anyway.” He said.
“Famished, huh?” Michelle giggled and took the poptart. “Pretty fancy word.”
“I don’t understand what you mean by ‘fancy’” Spock said and he followed her to a table.
“I just mean…You’re rather formal.” Michelle said, taken aback by his abruptness.
“I don’t believe we’ve met before.” Spock said sitting across from her.
She opened up her Sprite, “I’m in your class.”
“What class?”
“Oh, Scott’s class.” She said.
“Oh, that one.” He looked at her for a moment then said, “Yes, I believe I remember you now.”
“So, what are you doing at Star Fleet?” Michelle asked, as he drabbled off.
“Excuse me?” Spock furrowed his brow at her.
“Oh, I just meant that…Everyone seems to have a backstory. What’s yours?” Michelle said quickly.
“I don’t have one.” Spock said.
“Sure you do, how did you get here?” Michelle encouraged.
“I went to the High Council of Vulcan for schooling there. The school was quite prestigious. And I was accepted. Apparently, I was the first half Vulcan to ever be accepted. And they couldn’t drop that matter.” Spock said stiffly. “So, I made the decision to come here instead.”
“That’s smart.” Michelle said. “Assholes. You’re the smartest guy I know.”
“Thank you.” He said this as if he’d never been complimented before.
“No problem.” Michelle took a sip of her sprite. “I didn’t know you were half human. It’s not exactly obvious, is it?”
“Depends on what you mean by obvious.” Spock replied.
“Hm, I guess. Anyway, where are you heading?”
“Oh, I’m heading to Aviation.”
“You’re majoring in Aviation?”
“Yes. Well, I was going to major in engineering, but I figured it’d be safe to minor in it instead.” Michelle replied.
“I’m majoring in Programming.” Spock said.
“ Wow. You got it made. Oh, shit.” Michelle noticed the time. “I gotta go.”
Spock turned around, “Apparently so do I.”
“Oh, and um…My friend likes you.”
Spock raised and eyebrow, “Who?”
“You don’t know her.”
“I do not know much of anyone around here; even you.” Spock said nonchalantly.
“Oh, I’m Michelle.” Michelle said. “Sorry, I forgot. And I know who you are.”
“Who is your friend?” Spock persisted.
“Oh, her name’s Nyota Uhura. And she’s…Extremely interested.” Michelle giggled.
“Who is this?” Spock asked.
“The chick you couldn’t take your eyes off of in Scott’s class.” Michelle said smirking.
“I was not really looking at her. Just in-”
“The general direction. Yeah, yeah.” Michelle smiled. “I hear that a lot. Look, she’s gorgeous. I don’t blame you. Anyway, it was nice talkin’ to you.”
“Likewise.” Spock said, looking at her in a suspicious manner.
Michelle noticed Hikaru Sulu right at the front of the class, still taking constant notes on everything that was being written down. Michelle was late, but no one seemed to notice. She sank into the empty seat next to Sulu. “Hey.”
Sulu looked up, “You’re late.”
“Yeah, I know.” Michelle said. “Did I miss anything?”
“Not much.” Sulu whispered. “We’re just taking notes.”
“I see.” Michelle said. She noticed Sulu peeking out the corner of his eye at her every once in a while. And it made her feel good inside. Even though she basically had a boyfriend.
“Are you majoring in this?” Michelle asked towards the end of the period.
Sulu nodded, “What about you?”
“Yep. We might have most of our classes together”
“That’s great!”
“I guess.” She peeked at her phone, 3 missed calls from Jim. “Jesus!”
“Oh…Nothing.” Michelle put her phone back. “Jim just keeps calling.”
“Are you guys…Dating?” Sulu asked cautiously.
“Yeah, basically. I’m not really sure. It’s more just-we’re attached.” She finally concluded.
“I see.” Sulu said tersely.
“What about you, you got a girlfriend?”
Sulu chuckled and shook his head, “I…I don’t have time for one, really.”
“Is that you’re philosophy, or your parents’?” Michelle asked, in a teasing manner.
“A bit of both, really.”
“You’re a kiss ass.” Michelle concluded.
“Maybe.” Sulu shrugged, and she laughed at this. “What are you doing tonight?”
“Nothing, why?”
“Oh, I just. I could get Chekov to get some weed, and I could throw a party in my dorm.”
Michelle laughed loudly at this,” You’re fucking kidding.”
“No, dude. Invite everyone you can.”
“Is this your way of getting chicks?”
“It’s my way of getting noticed.” Sulu said, as if stating the obvious.
“I’ll get the drugs and the champagne. You just bring your smile.” Michelle said.
“So, there’s this party tonight.” Michelle said to Jim as they sat down near the bay again.
“Really, who’s throwing it?” Jim asked.
“Hah. As if.”
“Well, he is. And I bet it’ll be awesome. I’m getting the drugs and beer. And Chekov’s getting the weed.”
“The kid’s 14!” Jim said, astounded.
“Well, what 14 year old doesn’t smoke weed?” Michelle frowned. “Anyway, what class do you have next?”
“Cool, invite everyone in the class.” Michelle said.
“Is this a good idea?” Jim questioned.
“Yes.” Michelle said in an assuring tone. She leaned in and kissed Jim softly. “We can dance.”
“I’m not good at dancing!”
“You will be with me.” Michelle sighed getting up. “Anyway, I’ve got to go.”
Jim stood up with her and they shared a few passionate kisses. She started to walk away when Jim called her name, “What are we?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean…Are we together?”
“We’re whatever you wanna be.” Michelle smiled, and she stalked off towards her dorm. This was gonna be fun.
“So. Did you hear about the party tonight?” Michelle asked when she got in.
“What party?” Uhura came in from the bathroom.
“Hikaru Sulu’s throwing a party.”
“Is he insane?”
“Maybe. Anyway, come on! It’ll be fun. We’ll all get to know each other. You can meet Spock.” Michelle grinned. “He’s in Jim’s computer class, I asked him to ask him to the party.”
Uhura groaned and said, “You didn’t!” and flopped on her bed.
“I thought that’s what you wanted!” Michelle cried.
“It is, but…I’m too damn nervous.”
“You’ll be fine. I mean, he couldn’t take his eyes off of you.” Michelle smirked.
Uhura looked up and smiled, “Really?”
“Oh, yeah. Anyway, you’ll get to meet a bunch of people. Smoke some dope-get silly.”
“I don’t do that anymore.” Nyota frowned.
“Who doesn’t not do that?”
“Come on. It’ll be fun!” Michelle persisted.
“Oh, fine. I’ll try.” Nyota said.
“That’s what I like to hear.” Michelle yelled.
“Dude! You gotta get me some weed!” Sulu yelled walking into the dorm.
Chekov looked up from his work, he was always at the desk. Working on something. “Vat?”
“Yeah! Get me some weed.”
“I don’t know. You’re young, you’ve got friends here.”
“None of my friends get too crazy.” Chekov murmured.
“Dude, come on! I promised Michelle!” Sulu pleaded.
“Yeah, that pretty girl in Scott’s class.”
“OH.. That girl.”
“Yeah, that girl.” Sulu said urgently. “Will you try?”
“Maybe. I’m busy..”
“Come on!”
“Fine. Give me 5 minutes.” Chekov sighed.
“Are you ready?” Michelle asked.
“I think so, God this is awkward.” Uhura said, tugging on her dress. “I look like a hussy.”
“How old are you, 50? No-you look hot!” Michelle said.
Nyota blushed a deep red, “Hah, thanks?”
“Okay,” Michelle said applying bright red lipstick. “You ready to go?”
“I suppose.” Nyota replied reluctantly.
They walked outside of their dorm down the sidewalk to Sulu’s. Many people were going in the same direction. Michelle could tell Nyota was uncomfortable. And, in turn, it was making her awkward as well. They made their way into Sulu’s dorm and surveyed the scene. They were a little late and it was picking up fast.
“I don’t belong here.” Nyota sighed.
“What are you talking about?! You look hot!” Michelle said, exasperated.
“I feel like a whore.” Nyota said.
“You just need to get out more.” She poured Uhura some vodka. “Here, sit down.”
“Michelle, I think this was-”
“Look, now, once I get out the drugs everything will be fine.”
Nyota gave her a warning look and asked, “What did you bring?”
“Some coke and LSD.”
“You’re kidding.”
Michelle grinned, ”Nope.”
“This is ridiculous. I really can’t believe this.”
“Will you sit down and try to have some fun?!” Michelle frowned. “You act like you’ve never been to a party before.”
“You know, I do know what the real world is like.” Nyota almost shouted.
“Well, then, act like it! This is what people do, Oty. They go out, get drunk, meet guys, party. It’s just the way of life. And, you look amazing. Why don’t you go off and find Spock, and tell him how you feel and get together with him. Because, I have to find Jim.” Michelle sighed.
“So you want to get rid of me?”
“NO! I want you to have fun! Because, that’s what you’re here for. Is to have a good time.” Michelle sighed. She looked around and saw a bright flash of green, and red curls following. “GAILA!”
“Oh my God, no.” Nyota moaned.
“What? I love Gaila!” Michelle laughed. “She’s so much fun. GAILA! GAILA!”
“She’s a whore.” Nyota said. “I really don’t want her over here.”
“Go find Spock!” Michelle encouraged. She called Gaila’s name one last time.
“Michelle! I’m not like you with guys. And he’s so much different from regular guys. I can’t just go up to him and be like, ”Oh, hi. I saw you in class the other day and you seem really interesting. In fact, I can’t take my eyes off of you. And I don’t want to rest until we finally get to talk. It’s kind of ridiculous because I promised I would never be like this. But you seem really amazing.” Nyota said quickly.
Michelle cleared her throat. Nyota turned around to see Spock staring down at her. She whispered, “Oh Jesus!”
“I am very much flattered by the things you have just said, Nyota.“ Spock said.
Michelle smiled. And said, “So that’s how it works. Why don’t you two get to know each other.” She wandered off to go to the other table and sat down her two bottles of vodka on them and poured herself a drink. Gaila accompanied her shortly after.
“God, I’m sorry! So many people coming after me.”
“Haha, that’s alright.” Michelle smiled.
“So, what is this I here about you and James Kirk bangin’?” She asked, a devious tone to her voice.
Michelle almost choked on her drink, “Excuse me?!”
“Yeah, it’s going around. That you two are like, the hot new couple.
“Um, no. We’re not even really…Together. Plus, we’re not banging.”
“What?!” Gaila screeched. “Why in the fuck not?! Look, Chelle, if you’re not gonna take him-I will. Because, God damn…”
“Well, I’m not sure. I mean, we’ve kissed and talked on the phone and stuff. But I’m not sure where it’s going.”
“Well, if you don’t want him please let me know. Because I am extremely interested.” Gaila said playfully.
“Whatever.” Michelle laughed.
“This party is so lame.” Gaila sighed, looking around.
“Well, I mean, it could be better, I guess.” Michelle said, looking around. The party was pretty dull, then again, it was just getting started.
“Didn’t some nerdy Asian kid throw this?” Gaila sneered
“His name is Sulu.” Michelle glared.
“Sulu. Whatever. Anyway, have you seen him in his classes?” She laughed, “Always taking notes. It’s actually kind of pathetic.”
“He’s just paying attention.” Michelle said defensively.
“Wooooah.” Gaila said, her eyes wide. “You like him.”
“No I don’t!” Michelle retorted.
“You do to. And I totally saw you with that Vulcan, you couldn’t stop looking at him.” Gaila teased. “Who are you after, Chelle?”
Michelle sat there and realized she really didn’t have any idea, so many boys were after her, and she really did love Jim. He was her pride and her joy. He made her laugh when others had no clue how. He was amazing; and she wanted to keep him. But she had a sense something wasn’t quite right here. However, she put on her happy face. She didn’t want Gaila knowing that she was upset and clearly confused.

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