Friday, January 8, 2010

The Final Frontier--Iowa [1/2]

The car started, and Michelle pulled out of the parking lot. Worrying about Uhura, honestly hoping that she would be okay, and that she wouldn’t do anything too extreme. She could understand though, it would be awfully embarrassing. Especially with someone like Spock. So proper and distinguished. She could easily see how awful it would have been to endure that with him. Well, with anyone. She knew Nyota was setting herself up for failure. And maybe that’s what she was doing with Jim; and Nyota knew it too? But she didn’t try and fight Spock and Uhura being together. And it never had occurred to Michelle to ask why Nyota hadn’t really liked Jim. She wanted to reestablish more on this. I mean, she had said she didn’t want to lose Michelle as he friend. But there definitely had to be more.
“You know,” Jim said suddenly. “I don’t get why we’re driving. I mean, it’s gonna take forever.”
“What, you don’t think I know that?” Michelle grinned.
“So, why didn’t we fly or something, take a shuttle out. I know one was stopping in Detroit, Michigan. To pick up some recruits from training. Or, there’s a thing called a train.” Jim said. Getting a bit impatient with her.
“Jim, just relax.” Michelle smiled. “We’ll get there soon enough.”
“How soon is ‘soon enough’?” Jim asked.
“Oh, shut up! You didn’t even want to go to Iowa anyway!” Michelle laughed.
“…Whatever,” Jim said, shaking his head.
“Okay, whiner. I was going to wait to show you. But I guess I’ll do it now!” Michelle said, exasperated.
“What?” Jim asked, suddenly looking over at her.
She pressed a green button and all of the sudden the car began to pick up its speed, and wings started to jut out of the sides. And the car began to lightly pick up off the ground.
“What the hell..” Jim said, looking around.
Michelle smirked, “You don’t give me enough credit.”
Jim leaned over and kissed her, “Nope, I guess I don’t.”
“We’ll get there in no time.” Michelle said.
35 minutes later and Jim was switching back and forth between radio stations.
“For God’s sakes!” Michelle yelled. “Pick a station!”
“I’m sorry. There’s nothing good on.” Jim protested.
“Turn it off, then.” Michelle growled.
“Are you okay?” Jim asked, flicking off the radio. Looking over at her, studying her face.
Michelle sighed and said, “I’m sorry. I’m just worried about Nyota. She was really upset.”
“Why was she so upset?” Jim asked.
Michelle tossed him a look and he said, “What? I promise, I won’t tell anyone!”
“Okay, well, she um…” Michelle trailed off. Looking at the Cumulous Cloud to her left. “It was…something with Spock.”
“I gathered that. I just want to know what’s wrong. Nyota’s kind of my friend, too.” Jim persisted.
Michelle laughed, “Not really. But, okay.” She broke off and said. “She wants to have sex with Spock.”
“Yeah, what does that have to do with anything?” Jim asked.
“He couldn’t do it.” Michelle said. “And now she doesn’t think he likes her.”
“Why couldn’t he?” Jim asked. He thought for a moment then said, “Oh.”
“No!” Michelle said, annoyed. “Not that. Pon Farr.”
“What’s that?” Jim asked.
“Um, how do you not know what Pon Farr is?”
“I just don’t!” Jim retorted.
“It’s the mating ritual that takes place every seven years for Vulcans.” Michelle explained.
“Oh. But. Don’t they have partners or something. So even when the time comes-”
“He and Nyota won’t be able to have sex, anyway.” Michelle finished.
“God, that’s awful.” Jim said.
“Yeah, she’s really upset. I just hope it gets better. That’s why she shouldn’t be with a guy like Spock.” Michelle said.
“Because he can’t love her.” Jim said.
“No, he can. He just…Doesn’t know how to show it. And I don’t think she can handle that. She needs to hear it. It needs to be shown, expressed. Isn’t it nice to have it that way?” Michelle said thoughtfully.
“Yeah…Yeah,” Jim said nonchalantly.

They pulled into the driveway of his Mom’s place. It was bitter and cold that December afternoon. So much colder than San Francisco, obviously. It was a quaint farmhouse, with a large barn in the backyard. The ground covered in a thin coat of snow. Michelle got out of the car, and got their bags out of the backseat.
“It’s a nice place.” She observed.
Jim snorted, “Hardly. But she looks like she’s kept it up, though.”
“Does she know who I am?” Michelle asked anxiously as they approached the door.
“Of course.” Jim said. He wrapped his spare arm around her. “Don’t worry. She’ll like you. Who wouldn’t.” He kissed her temple, and reached out and rang the doorbell.
“Why don’t you just go in?”
“Oh, she’d probably get mad at me. Plus, you can’t just barge in after disappearing for 5 months.” Jim explained.
All of the sudden, the door flung open and a woman with large eyes and thin blond hair opened the door. Her eyes were a light gray color, in contrast to Jim’s light blue ones. She was once, as you could plainly see, gorgeous. You could tell, she could have easily become a model. She looked permanently sad. And Michelle wanted to hug her at first sight. She wore a thick wool sweater, and looked a little on the large side, although her frame was tiny.
“Hi mom.” Was all Jim said.
“Oh, Jim!” She smiled wide. “How are you?” She reached around and hugged him. And she said, “You look so grown up.”
“I guess…” Jim said.
“Well, it certainly has been a while!” She said, she seemed so energetic. And it didn’t really suit her. Because she didn’t quite appear that way. “How have you been? Come in!”
“I’ve been okay.” Jim said. He stepped inside with Michelle and they sat their bags down. “Um, Mom, this is Michelle.”
Winona looked around and found Michelle and exclaimed, “Oh! Wow. Jim, she’s a jewel.”
Michelle laughed, “Jeez, thanks.”
“Really.” Winona insisted. She stuck out her hand, and Michelle obliged. “You’re so lovely. I’ve heard quite a bit about you.”
“What have you heard?” Jim asked suspiciously.
Winona raised an eyebrow, “Why, from your letters.”
“So, look, I’d love to get caught up but I have a roast in the oven. And I really need to get dinner ready. So, we’ll get caught up later?” She said this more to Michelle than Jim.
“Oh, yeah, that’s fine.” Michelle said.
“Great. Jim, why don’t you take Michelle up to your room?” She said this in a worried tone.
“Uh. Sure.” Jim said. Michelle was about to go up the stairs when Jim said quietly, “Mom, where’s Emily and Bill?”
“Don’t worry about it.” She said gently.
“Mom. Where are they?” He said a bit more forcefully.
“They’re gone.”
“Don’t worry about this now, Jim, it’s none of our business. Okay? Just take your girlfriend upstairs. We’ll discuss it later.” Winona said harshly. And then walked into the kitchen.
“Fine.” Jim said bitterly. He stood there for a minute. Taking it all in. Gone? How could they possibly be gone?
Michelle appeared at his side and wrapped her arms around him, “Are you okay?”
“No..” Jim said off handedly.
“God, I’m sorry.” Michelle said. She kissed him softly then said, “You know…Your mom seems nice.”
“I never wrote her any letters.” Jim said.
“She lied?” Michelle asked, suddenly confused.
“What do you think? That’s all she ever does to maker herself seem like a good mom. But it’ll all bullshit. She could care less.” He walked over to the table in the room, and noticed the row of pictures of Jim. Terrible school photos, the brace face years, naked in a bath tub. His years in t-ball. Him at prom with his girlfriend at the time, Samantha. He ran a finger a long one of them. He rubbed his thumb and fore finger together and said, “Wow, look at that. Dusty.”
“I’m sure she just forgot.” Michelle said.
“She’s an avid duster. She prides herself on dusting. Are you kidding? You wanna know what picture should be there?” Jim asked. He reached behind the frame, and took out his picture, and handed the frame to Michelle. There, was a picture of Jim’s father. Bleach white smile, thick, luscious blond hair. So good looking.
“Oh…” Michelle said faintly. “It’s your Dad.”
“Yeah. But it doesn’t matter.” Jim said shaking his head. He took the frame out of Michelle’s hands and set it back down. “Let’s go upstairs.”
Jim’s room was the same as it was when he’d left. He found his bloody gray shirt from the bar fight lying on the floor. Along with his discarded baggy jeans and leather jacket. He looked at the posters on the wall; collected from over the years. And sighed loudly, “So. Here it is. The same as when I left it.”
Michelle looked down at his bloody shirt and said, “Jim, I’m sure she’s just been busy.”
“Where? On her back?” Jim snapped.
Michelle looked defeated, “I don’t know what you want me to say…Look, I’m sure she’s just been busy with everything. I mean, after all Emily and Bill did leave. Maybe she’s been depressed.”
“This was 5 months ago. And my mom loves to clean.” Jim said plainly.
“I’m sure it was-”
“Michelle! Look, she doesn’t give a fuck about me, okay? There’s no way to avoid it. All she cares about is my fucking dad. My fucking, loser of a Dad. Okay? That’s all she ever talks about. She doesn’t love me or care about me! And I’m sick of being left behind on everything. It’s always me that’s the last to know. I hate her.” He said his last words sharply.
Michelle walked over and hugged him. “I’m sorry. I…We can leave. If you want.”
“No. That’s what she’ll want. I didn’t write her any letters, Chelle. She knows nothing about or of you.” Jim said, putting his face in his hands. “I hate this..”
“Seriously, let’s leave. We can go anywhere!” Michelle said. “We have a flying car!”
“NO! I have to find out what happened to Emily!” Jim said forcefully.
“That’s sweet that you care about her like that.” Michelle said faintly.
Jim smiled at her, and walked over. And crouched down and said, “Michelle, I love you. Thanks for coming with me.”
She grinned and stroked his cheek, “Are you kidding? I would do anything for you.”
He leaned in and kissed her and they shared a passionate kiss. He reached behind her and began to put his hands up her shirt, they were warm and Michelle groaned and broke away and said,” Should we really be doing this here?”
“Does it really matter?” Jim smirked.
“Your mom’s here!” Michelle said playfully.
“Let here hear, then.” Jim said.
He unhooked her bra, and took off her shirt and crawled over her on the bed. He slowly took her bra off, teasing her as he went. He licked down her shoulders to her breasts. He took her nipple in his mouth, and swirled his tongue over it, over and over again. She gasped lightly, and ran her fingers through his hair. He came down on her stomach and began to kiss her lightly and she giggled. He slowly began to unbutton her jeans. She felt agonizing pain almost, he was being so damn slow. She needed to feel something. He began to slowly ease down her jeans. And played with her through her panties. Slowly kissing her thighs.
Michelle leaned up and quietly called his name. He looked back up at her. She reached down and brought him up to her level and kissed him deeply. She reached down and took off his shirt for him. And began to kiss his neck. “I love you.” She heard him whisper.
“I love you.” Michelle said back. Looking into his clear blue eyes. It was like looking up at the clear afternoon skies in San Francisco. Nice, and sunny. Jim always made her think of sunshine.
Jim kissed Michelle down her stomach again, and she lay there in agonizing anticipation, and he took off her panties. She suddenly felt a tongue on her clit. Sucking lightly, making her moan. He probed her pussy with his mouth, and she suddenly felt like her sense of touch was heightened. It felt so pleasurable and unforgettable. All of it, with Jim…

They came downstairs about an hour later. Jim’s hair was frizzy, and Michelle’s jeans were buttoned wrong. Her hair was messed up, and she looked like a tornado had blown through her. “Okay, look,” Jim said to her quietly. “If my Mom asks any questions, give her a short answer. Don’t elaborate, just nod your head. That’s all she’ll do for you so it’s only fair.”
“No!” Michelle hissed. “That’s so rude, Jim. Maybe the reason you never get along is because you treat her like shit!”
“It’s the other way around!” Jim said a little too loudly.
“Right, so dinner’s ready.” Winona uttered pleasantly, as she suddenly appeared around the banister. She stopped and look at their disheveled state and her eyes widened a bit. And Jim looked smug and pleased with himself. She lead them into the kitchen. “I hope you don’t mind, Jim, but Aunt Lisa is coming over.”
“What?” Jim asked, extremely confused. His mother and her sister hated one another. It was a wonder that she was coming over, seeing as they hardly ever talked in 7 months. Last time he’d left, they were far from making up.
“Wh-Who’s Aunt Lisa?” Michelle asked.
“Oh, she’s my sister dear. Go on, take a seat.” Winona said warmly. Nodding at the chair next to Jim, across from her.
“Right.” Michelle nodded. She sat down
Jim proceeded to say, “Um, when did you and Aunt Lisa make up?”
“Michelle, how did you get started in Star Fleet?” Winona asked, completely dodging the question.
Jim exchanged looks with Michelle and tossed his mother a filthy look. Michelle cleared her throat and said, “ I just needed to get away from home for a little while. And I’m very fascinated in what Star Fleet has to offer for me.” Jim gave her a mean look, and picked at his peas.
“Oh. Well, that’s interesting. Do you and Jim have lot of classes together?” She asked.
“Yup.” Jim said through a mouthful of mashed potatoes.
“What are you majoring in, Jim?”
“I don’t know.” Jim said. He then took a sip of his iced tea and looked at her.
She mouthed the word oh and then said, “How long have you and Michelle been together?”
“5 months. Or something.” Jim responded nonchalantly.
“How’s school going for the both of you?” She asked, but before Michelle could answer Jim did. Lacking so many details and, although there weren’t many, it felt like no one should say anything. Michelle hated silence at dinners. That should be the time when you should talk the most. She was genuinely confused at Jim’s relationship with his mother. It was pretty odd.
“Good.” Jim said. He took a bite of his chicken and looked at her. She stared plainly back at him, clearly upset by the way Jim was treating her.
“I…I’m going to call your Aunt Lisa. She’s running late. I’ll be right back. Sorry, Michelle.” Winona said nervously, and she got up and scurried into the other room.
“You are horrible!” Michelle said , horrified.
“What?” Jim asked, clearly unscathed at what had just occurred.
“You are such a little shit! All your mom wanted was to bond with you! Get to know you. And you were just so disrespectful!” Michelle said angrily.
“Look, you don’t get it, and you probably never will. My mom doesn’t care about me. All she ever says is ‘Oh’ and ‘good’ all the time. She doesn’t give a fuck about me!” Jim protested. “You don’t know what my life was like here. I had to leave.”
“All I know, is I see a mother trying to reconnect with her son! And the son is being a complete asshole! She does love and care for you! You’re her only child! She cares for you, Jim!” Michelle said shrilly.
“How would you know.” Jim spat at her.
Michelle about slapped him across the face. “Fuck you.” She said sharply. And then Winona walked in the room.
“She’s on her way.” Winona sighed, sitting down at her seat.
“That’s good.” Jim said.
“So, Michelle, where are you from originally?” Winona asked.
“Oh, I’m from Indiana.” Michelle smiled at her. “From a small rural town.”
“Hah, I guess Iowa and Indiana are similar?”
“Somewhat. It’s very quaint and tiny here.” Michelle perceived.
“Ah, nothing interesting happens. Trust me on that. It’s the same old thing over and over.” Winona sighed.
“God, it’s the same for me too!” Michelle agreed.
Then there was a sudden knock at the door. “Oh, I didn’t know she was that close!” Winona exclaimed. And she threw down her napkin and went to the door.
“Chelle, I’m sorry. Look, it’s complicated between me and my mom.” Jim said.
“Yeah, how would I know, right?” Michelle said coolly.
“Michelle! I’m sorry.” Jim said, surprised her reaction was this strong. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I was pissed, okay?”
“Well, now I am.” Michelle said bitterly. “Fuck you, Jim. Just…Fuck you.”
“Oh. My. God.” Came a big, booming Southern voice. “Is that little Jimmy?”
“Ah…Aunt Lisa.” Jim said with false happiness.
“Jimmy! You’re so grown up! My God, you’re the spitting image of George! And this must be your little girlfriend!” A woman said walking around. She had long red fingernails, and was a little on the large side. She looked a lot like Winona. She wore a thin amount of makeup-but she didn’t need it. She was garbed in a red dress, and looked like she belonged in the 1800s. Her hair was a light brown, and was in soft curls at her shoulders.
“Hi.” Michelle smiled up at her.
“Oh, hello darlin’!” Lisa beamed. She shook hands with Michelle and said, “We meet at last! God, I haven’t heard from anyone in so long. Why, last time I saw Jimmy he was just graduatin’ high school!”
“Um, wow, that is a long time.” Michelle said awkwardly.
“Well, at any rate, I’m glad I have my sister back.” Lisa beamed at Winona, and Winona gave her a faint smile.
“So, um. How are Joe and Rose?” Jim asked.
“Oh, they’re just fine! Rose just passed her drivin’ exam! And Joe just got into high school. They’re always askin’ about you, Jim. Since they found out that you got into Star Fleet.” Lisa said proudly.
“Wow, really?” Jim said, raising his eyebrows. “That’s cool.”
“Yeah, yeah it is.”
“So…Lisa. I heard you brought jello? Maybe we ought to go get it?” Winona suggested.
“Oh, yes. Jimmy likes my jello, don’t you Jimmy?” Lisa cooed.
“It’s Jim now, Aunt Lisa.” Jim said uneasily.
“That’s right! Aren’t you 23 now? Somethin’ like that?” Lisa laughed.
“Yeah. Something like that.” Jim said, taking a sip of his iced tea.
“Big, tough man. Huh, Jim?” Lisa asked in a teasing manner.
“Sure,” Jim said in a sort of annoyed tone.
“Alright, let’s go.” Winona said, and she and her sister shuffled on out.
“Michelle.” Jim said softly. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. “I love you.”
“Why would you say that?” Michelle said, on the verge of tears.
“I don’t know. Because I was pissed. And I took it out on you, and that was wrong.” Jim explained himself. “I feel bad, now. But my Mom. She’s…Not right. She’s got problems, Chelle.”
“She loves you. Somewhere deep down in that little black heart, she loves you.” Michelle said simply.
“Yeah, somewhere.” Jim said distantly.
Michelle reached over and took his hand. “It’ll be okay.” She rubbed her thumb over his hand. “It’ll all be okay.”

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