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Episode 5--Sulu [1/1]

Why did he feel so bad? Why did she even matter. She wasn’t his. They were at a party again. For being at Star Fleet, all they ever really had were parties. It was totally awesome. He wasn’t complaining. ‘The Thong Song’ because playing; much to the delete of the song. Hikaru Sulu stood there, admiring all the beautiful women. But there was only one beautiful woman he couldn’t take his eyes off of. Michelle. She was gyrating her hips, and beckoning for Jim to join her on the dance floor. All of the sudden, they were just grinding. Practically having sex, right there, on the dance floor. Sulu felt like crying. Why did this always happen? Why couldn’t he have someone to be with like that. Well, not like that but close.
He walked into the kitchen and saw someone bent over. Her skin was disgusting, brown and bumpy. She stood up and her head was shaped like a football. She was some intergalactic creature. She would be beautiful, if her face wasn’t so…Brown and bumpy. She was Cardassian, he finally realized. He wondered why it took him so long to realize this.
“Oh, hi.” She said suddenly turning around and looking at him. Her eyes were wide, and her smile was gorgeous.
“Hi.” Sulu said back, standing there awkwardly. Then he asked, “Are you hungry or something?”
“Oh, no. You just…You don’t eat it. Just arrange it.” She said, and he realized that he had probably embarrassed her somehow. In turn, that made him feel bad and he shook it off.
“So, I’m Madeline.” She said suddenly. Her name was perfectly normal. She seemed perfectly normal; aside from wanting to…Rearrange food.
“Oh, I’m Hikaru Sulu.” Sulu said. They stood there for a moment then Sulu reached into his pocket and found his bag of weed. “So, look, I have this big bag of weed and no one wants to smoke it. And…Did you want to?”
“I can’t.” She said. And she stood there, and hung her head, she looked sad.
“Why?” Sulu asked.
“I just can’t. It makes you hungry.”
“Well I don’t mind.” Sulu said.
“I do.” Was all she said. And it was almost enough to knock him off his feet. She was pretty. As pretty as any alien could be. And it was hard on him sometimes, to remember these people did have their own mind. That they were smart, funny, a person. Just like him. He walked forward and placed an awkward kiss on her cheek. He felt her cheeks tighten, and realized she was smiling.
“Did you meet anyone at the party?” Chekov asked in a thick Russian accent at his desk as Sulu walked in.
“What, you didn’t go?” Sulu asked, hanging his jacket on the chair adjacent to Chekov’s desk.
“No. I vas busy studying.” Chekov said, as if it was the obvious choice. “As you should have been, too.”
“Well, I’m sorry. Michelle wanted me to go.” Sulu said, annoyed, taking off his shoes.
“So you vent, because she vanted you to? Didn’t she ignore you the whole night?” Chekov asked.
“We talked some.” Sulu said uncomfortably. “And, anyway, that’s not the point. Look, it doesn’t matter. I met someone.”
“Vho?” Chekov asked interested.
“This girl named Madeline.” Sulu said.
“Ew. Vhy her?” Chekov asked in disbelief.
“What’s wrong with her. I mean, we didn’t hook up or anything. I mean, we just talked a little she seems nice.” Sulu said, he was getting absolutely annoyed with Chekov. His age difference was really getting to Sulu. Sulu was 25 years old. Whereas Chekov was 14. And was so proud that he would be 15 in a month’s time.
“She’s just gross looking. Don’t you vant someone that is decent looking?” Chekov asked.
“She’s fine! I don’t see a damn thing wrong with her.” Sulu said.
“So, I met someone at the party.” Madeline said excitedly.
“Oh my God! Who?” Gaila asked excitedly.
“Well, his name’s Hikaru Sulu.” Madeline mused.
Michelle gasped, and Uhura went wide eyed, “That is so cute!”
“Ew, that nerdy little Asian?” Gaila said in a disgusted voice. She picked up her drink and took a sip from it.
Uhura tossed her a dirty look, “What’s wrong with him?”
“He’s just so damn nerdy, it hurts. I can’t fathom why anyone would want to be with someone like that.” Gaila said dramatically.
Madeline sighed and Michelle rolled her eyes and said, “You can date him if you want to, there’s nothing wrong with Sulu. He’s hilarious.”
“Really?” Madeline asked excitedly.
“Yeah! Go for it.” Uhura urged.
“There he is right now.” Michelle said, pointing to where Chekov, Sulu, McCoy, Spock, and Jim were all sitting on the green discussing whatever it was boys discussed .
“Should I go over there?” Madeline asked, suddenly intimidated.
“Do it.” Michelle said in a low, dramatic, playful voice. “I dare you.”
Gaila laughed and then said, “Would you prefer I do it?”
“Hell no.” Madeline said quickly. And she stood up and walked over to Sulu. “Um. Hikaru…Can I talk to you in private.”
Jim laughed, Chekov teased, and McCoy went, “Bow chicka wow. Use your ‘throbbing vital organs’.”
“Um…What?” Madeline asked. And Sulu rushed her away.
“Well, it’s…It’s an inside joke. Someone mentioned it in class. So, what’s up?” Sulu asked nervously.
“I was…Just thinking that you and I could get together.” Madeline said subtly.
“I think we should go on a date.” It all just spilled out.
“What, us?” Sulu asked, somehow genuinely confused. He had no idea how this would work out.
“We don’t have to have-”
“Okay! Okay, it’s fine.” Sulu said.
“Great! So, I’ll see you tonight?” She asked coyly.
“Hell yeah.” Sulu said smiling.
“Cool. Thanks. See you then.” Madeline beamed, and she scurried away back to her table to freak out about what had just happened. Sulu stood there watching her. Smiling as he walked back to where the guys were sitting.
“So, what just happened?” Jim asked.
“I…I got a date.” Sulu said in awe.
“How the hell did that happen?” McCoy asked, passing the joint to Chekov.
“I don’t know. She just came up and asked me.” Sulu said.
“She asked you?” Chekov said this like it was some kind of crime.
“Well, yeah.”
“Well, I think it’s a good thing! You can finally get some now!” Jim said happily.
“I fail to see why sexual relations in a relationship happen to be so important.” Spock said plainly.
“Because, every growing boy needs some tang. Am I right Chekov?” McCoy asked.
“Yeah.” Chekov said in between coughs from his weed.
Sulu frowned, “What’s wrong with her?”
“There’s nothing wrong with it.” Jim said.
“I think Madeline is a very nice person. So, I think that you will really enjoy her.” Spock said. At least he was saying something positive.
“In bed.” McCoy finished.
“Fuck you guys!” Sulu said, half joking. “I gotta go.”
“Why?” Jim asked, flipping on his back.
“I have a meeting with Professor Arash and my parents. About my grades or whatever.” Sulu rolled his eyes.
“Aren’t you supposed to be the genius?” Chekov asked sarcastically.
“And anyway, Spock, how would you know a thing about relationships?” McCoy barbed.
“Excuse me?”
“Yeah, I mean all you and Uhura have done is hold hands. Sex is pretty critical.” Jim said to him.
“I’m with Spock, guys, okay? Madeline seems really nice and fun. I don’t think I need to worry about sex for awhile.”
“Well, when you do, you might wanna ask where you stick it!” McCoy said, and he and Jim and Chekov began laughing.
“That is vulgar.” Spock said.
“I’m just saying!” McCoy said through laughter. “It might be her ear or something.”
Sulu was taken aback and walked away to Arash’s room. He wasn’t looking forward to him. This was the most prestigious “space school” and apparently he was close to getting kicked out. He began to think about Madeline, she seemed nice enough. He only wondered what his father was going to say.
“Sulu!” Professor Arash said loudly in Sulu’s face. “Now, this is what I mean. He just doesn’t pay attention. Pupils are dilated.”
“What?!” Sulu protested.
“He just doesn’t pay attention anymore. He was doing so well. Now he’s just given up. And with this mark, right here, this mark, he has failed the entire year.” Professor Arash said.
“WHAT?” His father hollered in disbelief. His father was 68 years of age, and his mother was around 37. It was kind of ridiculous seeing them together. Her soft pale Asian face and his wrinkled face and his eyes shrinking into his head.
“He’s failed the entire year. But, I worked, Hikaru, I did. And I got you an extension on this essay on how droids should be attached to ships to do repairs. I worked, and I got it, right?”
“Got what right?” His father asked.
“No, I got it…Right?” Arash explained.
His father nodded and his mother said, “Is this because of all those parties?”
“Yes! Parties. There have been quite a few parties lately, Mrs. Sulu.” Arash agreed.
“And you sit here and condone this?” Mrs. Sulu said angrily. “With weed….And uh, pills. And pregnant!”
“No. We certainly do not condone...pregnant.” Arash said timidly.
“Well, we are making sure you do your work!” Sulu’s father said harshly.
“Yes. You are coming home with us until you get this done.” His mother said. “I have had enough of this foolishness.”
They stepped out of the office, and Sulu walked as far away from his father, who was yelling at him at what an idiot that he was. He was barely listening. He had to listen to this everyday before he left. This was one of the main reasons he had left. His father stormed off and his mother turned to him. Her lips pursed, and her face twisted like a lemon.
“Hikaru, seriously. You know this upsets people. Put your head on straight, and do your freaking coursework. Or else you’re fucked.” And with that she walked away. Hikaru stood there with a plain expression on his face. He walked away, his head hung low.
“Hey, are you okay?” Came a sudden soft voice behind him.
“Wh-” He turned around and saw Madeline standing there, a concerned expression on her face. “Oh, Madeline. Hey.”
“I just wanted to remind you about our date. It’s tonight.” She smiled widely.
“I…I dunno. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it.” Sulu said cautiously.
“Yeah, see I totally fucked up this semester. And I have to go back home and write a 1000 word essay about droids. So. I’m sorry.” He said quickly.
“I’m really sorry. Maybe another time, Madeline.” Sulu said softly, he genuinely did feel bad. It’s not like he wasn’t looking forward to it. She didn’t seem like a freak. She seemed wonderful and funny.
“Maybe I’ll pop round tonight?” She suggested.
“Erm, sure. Go ahead.” Sulu said.
Michelle walked over to the bench Jim was sitting at. She kissed him, and he sort of pulled away. She noticed he was busy on his phone and glanced up every now and then at someone across the green. She noticed that it was Gaila. She pulled his face towards hers and kissed him again.
“I’m coming to your choir concert.” She said fiercely.
“Where that short black mini.” He said before she could ask.
“Okay.” She stood up and leaned down and kissed him again. Noticing Gaila and him flirting all the while. She felt tears come to her eyes.
It was late in the afternoon and Sulu was blank. He looked around his old room and thought about his old life. He had an older brother, who had been amazing in every way. He’d gone on to bigger and better things; a lawyer in New York. He sighed and looked at what he had written:
Droids are great for ships. They can really help us with damages and keep our ships in the best possible shape they can be in. As a pilot, I agree with this, and believe we should use them on all ships.
“Fuck.” He sighed out loud. He looked around, he wasn’t allowed to watch t.v. or do anything whatsoever. Just work. He walked over to his bed and struggled to think of something dirty. God, he had nothing. He wrapped his palm around the base of his dick, which was semi hard. He jerked up and down in a fast motion, nothing. “Shit!” He did this a few more times, then suddenly thought of something. He reached under his pillow and pulled out the candid Polaroid Jim had taken. Michelle was on the beach in a white bikini lying on a blanket. She was soaked, so you could clearly see everything through her top. The points of her hard nipples and the outline of her areolas. Jim took that damn Polaroid everywhere he went. Sulu immediately went from soft to hard in a matter of seconds. He grunted and trusted upward.
“Oh. Oh. Yeah. Yeah.”
All of the sudden the door opened and Jim opened the door, “Oh shit!”
“Um…I was just…Yeah.” Sulu said awkwardly and he put the picture behind his pillow. “Can I put my pants back on?”
“Yeah…I’m just gonna step out.” Jim said uneasily.
“Thanks.” Sulu stood up and pulled up his pants. He sighed loudly. “You can come back in.
“Fuck’s sakes man.” Jim said as he came in and shut the door.
“Well, I’m cooped in here all day! What do you expect me to do?”
“Not for long.” Jim said playfully.
“My choir concert. Don’t tell me you forgot. I told you about a dozen times!” Jim said all wound up.
“I…I have to work on this all day.” Sulu said lamely, pointing to his computer.
Jim gave him a dirty look and said, “Let’s see what you got?” He sat down and scanned Sulu’s work.
“For tit’s sake!” Jim said, shaking his head. He pressed the delete all button and started from scratch. He wrote:
Safety droids have been used since the late 80s in most Star Fleet outposts. Many ships have been accommodated to fit them, but not all are sure about the adjustment and change. However, if you were the have these droids-things would run a lot smoother on your ship. Damages would be assessed quicker and Star Fleet would be alerted faster.
“Wow. That’s really good.” Sulu said in awe.
“Anyway, you gonna come or not?” Jim asked getting up again.
“I don’t think so.” Sulu said slowly.
“Don’t be such a vagina! Look, I’ve done a lot for you. I mean, no one does have the shit for you that I do! And you won’t come to a fucking choir concert.” Jim said all this with his white, sparkling smile. Jim was complicated.
“You’re joking right?”
Jim slapped his arm playfully. “Totally. Just come. It’ll be fun. Drama. Singing. Choir girls. What could be better?”
“Drama?” Sulu asked.
Jim rolled his eyes slightly and said, “Just come and you’ll see.”
It was later and Sulu snuck out of his house, he’d barely finished his project. And he honestly didn’t expect to for awhile now. He breathed in and out slowly and watched his breath in the air. He remembered when he was little he used to pretend he was smoking a cigarette. He remembered his childhood vividly. Back to when he didn’t have to worry about girls or anything of the sort. Now he had too many girls to worry about. Too much going on in his damned life.
He sighed loudly as he saw Michelle, Scotty, Uhura, and Spock all standing outside. It began to drizzle as he walked over to meet up with them.
“Wait, I thought you had a date with Madeline?” Uhura asked as he walked up.
“Yeah, what about that paper you had to write?” Michelle asked.
“I snuck out.” He explained. And he instantly felt bad for skipping out on Madeline. She seemed like such a lovely girl. But he somehow thought his father would never forgive him for being with a Cardassian. He could already see the worry lines adding up.
“Aren’t you a wee bit too old for that?” Scotty asked.
“I’m in trouble.” Sulu said. “For my grades.”
Scotty snorted, “Yeh, you and everyone else.”
“So, it’s freezing!” Michelle shook. “Wanna go inside?”
Sulu’s first instinct was to reach out and hold her. To feel her shimmy and shake in his arms. To feel her head on his shoulder, and to rub his fingers through her soft blonde hair. How perfect could one girl be? He reluctantly agreed, hoping she’d ask for his jacket or lean into him. But she did nothing of the sort. The room was bright and warm, the stage was empty, and there was a slight drone of mindless chatter.
They found a seat in the third row. Sulu sat in between Spock and Michelle. They looked around, and saw Jim nowhere.
“Where is he?” Scotty asked.
“I…I’m not sure.” Michelle twisted her face and looked around. Sulu got a better look at her, she was wearing a short black skirt that showed miles and miles of glorious legs. She was wearing a light pink tank top to match with a little bow on the front. Her skin was so flawless and perfect. Too bad she was Jim’s.
“If my calculations are correct, I do believe we are at the right concert.” Spock said instantly. “And it should begin rather soon.”
All of the sudden piano music began to play, and about 25-30 choir girls came out wearing bright white shirts and black skirts. They looked rather pristine and clean cut. They began to sing the tune “God Only Knows What I’d be Without You” by the beach boys.
“Beach Boys, man.” Scotty said rather loudly tapping Uhura. “Fucking ace.”
“Where the hell is he?” Sulu said looking around, starting to get kind of worried.
“Hold on!” Michelle whispered pointedly.
All of the sudden Jim walked out, his hair was gelled over, and he looked just amazing. Michelle smiled proudly. She was in awe of how amazing he looked. Sulu saw Gaila to Kirk’s side, and his eyes widened immediately. Realizing the events that were likely to unfold.
I may not always love you, but as long as there are stars in my view. You’ll never need to doubt it, I’ll make you so sure about it. God only knows what I’d be without you.” Jim sang these words to Gaila, and this made Michelle smile even wider. Sulu couldn’t believe how oblivious she was.
Gaila smiled too, and she began to sing her verse, “If you should ever leave me, well life would still go on believe me. The world could show nothing to me, so what good would living new be? God only knows what I’d be without you.” The choir broke into it’s chorus, and Jim and Gaila sang back and forth, “God only knows what I’d be without you” Then, suddenly Jim leaned in and he kissed Gaila.
Spock looked over Sulu, and saw Michelle’s face fall. Michelle stood up in a jealous rage as the next show began to walked back to the dressing rooms. “Shit, I’ll go after her!” Sulu said quickly.
“Okay, take care of her.” Uhura warned. “Come on.” She said to Spock and took his hand and led him down the aisle and out the door.
“Come on, Scotty.” Sulu said tersely. And he walked back to the dressing rooms. He avoided all the women’s screams as half of them were in their bras. They were rather upset that he was back in the area. Scotty took it in stride and reached out for a feel of anything he could get.
He walked up to Michelle. She was ripping pieces of paper off of a door that said Jim and barged inside angrily. She saw Jim with his shirt off, hand below Gaila’s shirt, and she was singing some little ditty in Spanish to him. He was feeling her up, and Michelle knew it.
“What the fuck?” She burst out.
“Oh, hi Michelle.” Gaila said turning to her brightly.
“What are you doing?” Michelle asked fiercely.
“Just checking her diaphragm contractions, baby. Simple act of performance.” Jim said smugly.
“Oh, bullshit Jim!” Michelle said heatedly. “You fucking sick…God you’re such an asshole!”
“I don’t understand why you’re getting upset.” Jim said in a puzzled voice.
Michelle shook her head, her eyes wide. “What? You don’t understand why I am upset? That’s my best friend! You’re fucking her, aren’t you?!”
“Now, why would I do that?” Jim asked.
“Michelle.” Gaila said.
“And you can fuck off, too!” Michelle spat.
“Chelle, why are you overreacting. This is not a big deal.” Gaila said.
Overreacting?” Michelle repeated in disbelief. “Right in my face, you whore!”
“You know, typically episodes of paranoia come from a wide range of emotional and mental issues,” Gaila said expertly. Michelle’s eyes widened, “My mom, she’s a psychiatrist. Maybe she could-”
Michelle slapped her right across the face. “I’LL KILL YOU, YOU FUCKING BIG CHESTED BIMBO SLUT SPASTIC HORSE FUCKER!” Gaila screamed in her face.
“Whoa, good swearin’.” Sulu said, taken aback.,
Michelle looked behind Gail’s irate face and saw Jim smirking. She sighed and said, “Bye Jim.”
“Bye Shelly.” He called after her as she walked away. He cleared his throat and said, “So, Gaila…Mind giving me and Sulu a moment?”
“Sure.” Gaila said, her voice was broken and choppy. She gave Sulu a dirty look as she waltzed out.
“Why the fuck did you do that?” Sulu said angrily once Gaila had left. “Why did you hurt her like that?!”
Jim ignored this question and turned to the mirror and fixed his hair and said, “See, told you it’d be worth coming for.”
“You fucking do that on purpose?!”
“Go get her.” Jim said simply.
“Excuse me?”
“Go after her.” Jim repeated.
“But she’s your girlfriend!” Sulu protested.
“Who you love.” Jim pointed out. “So go get her.”
“That’s totally and completely fucked up. Why did you do that?” Sulu asked.
“Just go get her.” Jim said. “Before she changes her mind.”
“What?!” Sulu asked. But Jim didn’t explain. So Sulu just shook his head and breathed, “Whatever.” And walked out and saw Gaila..
“Michelle is not a bimbo. And she would never fuck a horse.” He said to her.
“What ever !” Gaila rolled her eyes and ran into Jim’s room into his arms. And they began kissing fiercely.
Sulu walked outside. Michelle was having a smoke and crying deeply. He walked over to her. It was really raining and her hair was wet and matted to her face. Her eyeliner and mascara was smeared in little black splotches all over her cheeks.
“Michelle.” He said softly as he approached her. “I’m so sorry.”
“Fuck off.” She snapped.
He was taken aback instantly. “What?”
“You knew! You knew about her!” She accused, her voice had gone shrilly.
“No, I didn’t! I really didn’t!” Sulu insisted.
“How could you not know? You’re supposed to be my friend!”
“Michelle, you’re not making any sense. Please. Just-”
“No! Get away from me!” She yelled. And she walked away.
He could hear her heels clicking the pavement along with the splatter of the rain. He felt like he should go after her. Or give her a reason why Jim did what he did. But he honestly didn’t know what to say. Sometimes the things Jim did, Jim himself couldn’t even explain. Sulu sighed and shook his head and walked on home. It didn’t occur to him to look for Scott, but he realized Scotty could look out for himself.
He walked in and no one, of course, had noticed that he had even came in. He walked upstairs and opened his bedroom door. He looked up and saw Madeline sitting on his bed. Her ever present smiley was faded from her face. She was dead serious now.
“Madeline.” He breathed.
“Where were you?” She didn’t hesitate.
“Oh…I was just.” He motioned out of his door. “I was. Um. Out.”
“…Oh. With who?”
“Um. Michelle and Jim, and-”
“Michelle?” She said in disbelief.
“Yeah, look…Madeline. I’m sorry. It was a mistake, I’m sorry.” Sulu tried to say.
“Is it because…I look like this?” She motioned to her face.
“No!” Sulu said abruptly. Although, that had something to do with it. Very little. Maybe 4%. The other 96 was measured in how much she followed him.
He saw the tears well up in her big eyes. “I…I’ve been waiting for this for days.”
“I know.” He hung his head.
She got up and whispered, “It’s your choice.” And marched out and he heard her walk down the stairs.
“Michelle.” She heard the name escape from his lips before she could react. She felt him brush up against her skin, and tiny goose bumps erupted from her skin. And the chills ran up her spine before she could even contemplate it. “I’ve been silly.”
She turned around and took a sip of her drink. It was a lonely night at the bar. Almost no one was there. Except for a few people sitting at one of the tables laughing and playing a card game. She stared at him plainly and he stared back.
“Go on.” She urged.
“It was a mistake. I’m sorry. She pulled me in.”
Michelle put down her drink and as hip hop song came on with a slow, steady beat. “Ooh, I like this one!” She exclaimed. She got up and began to dance slowly. Rocking her hips back and forth and raising her arms above her head.
Jim came over and put his arms around her waist and she lowered her arms to his shoulders. They stared into each other’s eyes as they danced for a few moments. “I’m sorry.” the words tumbled out of Jim’s lips. And she reached forward and kissed him slowly.
They didn’t even notice Hikaru Sulu standing in the corner. His face twisted into jealousy. He was on the verge of emotional collapse.

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